...This photo was taken in July 2015 with my Grandson after a wonderful hearty meal on the banks of Lake Como, Italy. After some extra 'gelato' whilst we walked the streets of Bellagio, we headed back to one of over 400 villas my family company represents in France, Italy and Morocco. 

30 years ago I  took a similar stroll with my young children and husband on the promenade in Juan Les Pins, France. My daughter loved the buzz at night in this lively seaside town, my husband and I the Grand Marnier crepes! We had arrived in France frustrated at the difficulty of finding a villa whose description we felt we could trust. With our own cottage agency in Wales (Quality Cottages), we knew only too well how important attention to detail was in creating the ideal holiday for someone.
We decided on that stroll along the promenade, crepes in hand, kids mesmerised by the sounds and delights of France that we would start Quality Villas.
So, I am sat on the banks in Bellagio, chatting to my Grandson - smiling to myself that my family business is still here, still doing what it has always done - promoting amazing villas in great locations with honesty and accuracy.
Our team at Quality Villas has of course changed over the 30 years, but the one thing each valuable team member has had is a deep understanding of our values.  We inspect our houses to be truthful in our descriptions and to ensure a uniformity across the information we present to holidaymakers. We provide personal, professional advice to ensure the holiday is just right for each customer.
I have seen lots of competitors come and go in this time, lots of changes to house styles, (I started in the 80s so some style changes are most welcomed!) website designs etc etc but the one constant that keeps Quality Villas a firm favourite is its integrity.
Contemporary, farmhouse, multi-generational holiday, romantic honeymoon stone cottage - it would make for a fascinating read to think of all the holidays wishes we have made come true in 30 years.
We are agents for the owners of some of the best villas available which I am very proud to represent. No one house is the same as the other - a testament to its Owners style and a cornucopia of tastes for you to choose from.
I am very proud of the selection of villas and even prouder of the knowledge and helpfulness of our wonderful team.
Give us a call on 01442 870055 or email [email protected] and let us help you plan your ideal villa holiday.

Best Wishes,

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