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hidden gems in nice

Beautiful Nice is France’s worst kept secret, with its fashion, wine and exquisite food, we’ve all heard what to expect. So, we’re here to show […]

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facts about cannes

Upon hearing the name Cannes, visions of luxury, affluence, high profile visitors and exclusivity spring to mind. The creative connection with the famous Cannes Film […]

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hidden gems in florence

Florence is overflowing with stunning history and culture; the allure is never-ending. If you are after something slightly unusual and off the tourist map, we […]

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top sights in tuscany

Tuscany is such a favoured part of Italy and one of the best places for a relaxing and peaceful holiday amongst the finest of nature. […]

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made in france: fougasse

France is the ultimate place to locate bread of the finest, and tastiest, quality. Other than the typical French stick, what other bread does this […]

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