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2 days in siena- 48 hours in

Siena is treasured by many for its beautifully romantic setting and captivating atmosphere. The charming town is a sea of rustic medieval buildings embedded in the vast, rolling Tuscan countryside, deeming one of the most picturesque Italian destinations. Its heritage dates back to the Etruscan period and blossomed during the middle ages, creating the beautifully preserved medieval town found today. Here at Quality Villas, we have chosen the best places to immerse yourself over a warm weekend, while staying in one of our spectacular luxury holiday villas in Tuscany.

Day One: Morning

Begin your first day in Siena at the centre of culture, in Piazza del Campo. This area is the principal square of the city and consists of a spectacular shell shape. The layout is separated into nine areas as a dedication to the Council of Nine, who created the square while ruling between 1292 and 1355. The square will provide hours of fascinating sight-seeing opportunities and is a fantastic place to absorb the atmosphere. At the Northside of the square is the gorgeous Fonte Gaia. Translated as the Fountain of Joy, this is a must-see sight. Created from marble, it is a reproduction of the 1419 fountain constructed by Jacopo della Quercia. Torre del Mangia is unmissable belle tower. Sheer in size, it is bound to catch your eye immediately.

Piazza del Campo.

Day One: Lunch

If you want to take your time, and really enjoy lunch, La Prosciutteria is the idyllic place for somewhere to eat. As suggested in the title, this restaurant focuses on providing outstanding meals surrounding prosciutto on amazing tasting boards and paninis. A meal here is essential to pick and choose a variety of Italian ingredients. Make sure to accompany your meal with a tasty glass of wine or Aperitivo for a real, local experience.

Day One: Afternoon

A beautiful way to spend your afternoon is the 400 Steps of Torre del Mangia. This tower provided spectacular views of Siena, and the surrounding countryside and it is well worth the trek. It was designed with the purpose to be as high as the Siena Cathedral. The name translates to the ‘tower of the eater’ and was connected to the original bell ringer who was renowned for his habit of spending abundant amounts of money.

Day One: Evening

For an evening meal, Osteria La Taverna di San Giuseppe is a popular choice for the best Tuscan style dinner. It specialises in porcini mushrooms, beef and truffle dishes and is a restaurant that is admired by the locals.

As the second most popular city in Tuscany, Siena is a fantastic hub of activity at night. With many coffee shops staying open throughout the evening, it is the perfect place to sit and relax with a glass of wine and listen to some live music if you pick the right bar! UnTUBO is an great spot for this, and the ideal location for jazz lovers.

Day Two: Morning

Start the beautiful sunny morning at the Fonte di Fontebranda. This stunning fountain is the oldest in the town, and is located by the Basical of San Domenico’s. The fountain consists of three arches which are decorated with four beautiful statues of lions. Each arch was built with a specific purpose. One was for bathing, one for drinking, and one for animals.

Day Two: Sweet Treat

For the best gelato, head over to La Vecchia Latteria for delicious handmade ice cream. Owned by Francesco and Fabio, this fabulous parlour serves gelato of the most exceptional quality, strictly making the freshest, fruitiest and creamiest ice cream in the area. For those who fancy something a bit less sugary, their frozen yoghurt is a tasty alternative.

Hand holding a waffle cone strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

Day Two: Afternoon

Time to throw yourself back into the bustling atmosphere of Siena and make your way to Piazza del Duomo. Here, you will be blown away by the stunning cathedral of Siena. The cathedral is considered one of the best samples of Gothic architecture, and its ornate exterior is eye-catching and genuinely incredible. Moving into the interior, the striking black and white lines throughout the cathedral, taking time to absorb its presence may take a while.

Cathedral of Siena in Piazza del Duomo.

Siena is a stunning Italian town, full of magnificent historical architecture. If you would like to discover more about this attractive Tuscan location, take a look at our blog 7 Days in Siena for further inspiration.

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