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3 day trips in tuscany to tick off your bucket list

Located in the
heart of Italy, Tuscany has been blessed with incredible panoramic scenery, a
fascinating history and stunning weather, but is also on the doorsteps of vast
national parks where an incredible collection of flora and fauna can be found.
This region is truly a slice of heaven, and is also the perfect destination for
a getaway.

When staying in
one of our family
friendly luxury Tuscany villas,
there are many points of interest which are
perfect for a day trip. We have three day trips which should be on your bucket
list when you are visiting this beautiful place. 

Explore the walled city: Lucca

Lucca is an ancient
Tuscan city and is located just half an hour away from the Tyrrhenian Sea, and
also lies on the tranquil river of the River Serchio. Lucca’s ancient city
walls are still standing and can be dated back to the Renaissance. This
fascinating city endears itself to all that visit as its walls mask the quaint
cobbles streets, piazzas and shady promenades. It is the perfect place to explore
by foot and there is lots to see throughout your visit. The walkways on the
walls can offer you magnificent views across the city, as well as a look at
Lucca’s historic buildings. When looking at the city from a height, you will be
able to look upon the maze of streets which pass beautiful churches which can
be found dotted amongst traditional Italian shops and cafes.    

If you want to immerse
yourself in culture, Lucca is known for its hosting of festivals, so it is best
to read up on events before your visit. The Lucca Summer Festival will be held
throughout June and July with Green Day, Kasabian and Imagine Dragons
Lucca is the
perfect place for foodies, as this region has plenty of delicious dishes
through its many cafes and restaurants. From restaurants to markets, you will be
overwhelmed with the choices of authentic Italian food. Keep an eye out for tortelli
lucchese, (fresh pasta stuffed with meat and served simply with ragu) if you
are looking for that authentic Italian taste. 



Siena is steeped
in culture and history and a charming location and one of Italy’s best
preserved medieval towns. It makes a splendid day trip and will captivate
anyone who visits, as its medieval buildings are dominated by Tuscany’s tallest
tower and dazzling Duomo. In this town, you will find a variety of restaurants,
cafes and shops. You will find many traditional dishes in Siena including, wild
boar, Cinta Senese, pappardelle pasta and grilled meat. Then there are local
sausages, cheese, liver, ribollita soup and more. Siena and its province also
have great wines: Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Montepulciano and Vernaccia
di San Gimignano. There is also plenty of choice for dessert: cantucci
biscuits, Ricciarelli, Panforte and Cavallucci, accompanied by the classic Vin

Because of the
beautiful architecture, especially the Duomo,this cathedral is one of Italy’s
most awe-inspiring churches. Construction started in 1215 and over centuries
many of Italy’s artists have contributed to this masterpiece: Giovanni Pisano
designed the intricate white, green and red marble facade; Nicola Pisano carved
the elaborate pulpit; Pinturicchio painted some of the frescoes; Michelangelo,
Donatello and Gian Lorenzo Bernini all produced sculptures.


Best explored on
foot, Florence is not only perfect for walking but it is also a great place to
explore history and culture. All of the main historical sights are within
walking distance, and there are plenty of cafes where you can refresh yourself
on the way. Florence is also a living city with vibrant restaurants and a good
nightlife scene. For centuries, Florence has captured the imaginations of
travellers, who come to seek history, views and wonderful food.

The Cathedral
square had stood for 1600 years, and is the central hub of Florence. It is
known locally as the “Piazza San Giovanni” or “Piazza del Duomo”, and is home
to the Baptistery of Saint John, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (the
duomo) with excavations of Santa Reparata, Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Museum of
Opera del Duomo, the Cathedral Canonries, the Lay Confraternity of Mercy, the
Bigallo Portico, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Column of Saint Zanobius, and the
Pisan porphyry columns. This makes it the perfect place for avid travellers who
love to explore the past of the place they are visiting.

With these day
trips in mind, there is lots to see when visiting this region and can be the
perfect way to see Italy in its traditional state. So, now may be the time to
start looking to book the authentic Italian holiday you have always dreamed of. 

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