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3 films to inspire your next holiday to cote d’azur

The French Riviera is a very glamourous location and has
been frequented by the biggest names in film, music and art. The warmth, light
and incredibly breath-taking scenery make this area of the South of France the
perfect spot for movie locations. We give you a run down of some of the best
films set in the Cote d’Azur.



To Catch a Thief (1952)

A Hitchcock classic set against a stunning Monaco backdrop
is possibly the most famous movie set in the South of France. Cary Grant leads
the film as a former cat burglar, set on catching a new thief in order to prove
that he isn’t to blame for a string of jewellery thefts. The film was shot in
multiple locations throughout the Cote D’Azur; with beautiful scenes of Nice,
Negresco and Cannes featuring. The stunning farmhouse where Grant stays was
nestled into the hillsides in Provence. Of course, the film is also famous for the
romantic interest, played by Grace Kelly, who would go on to marry Prince Rainier,
becoming Princess of Monaco!

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Magic in the
Moonlight (2014)

Starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone, this modern entry
from Woody Allen follows an Englishman sent to the South of France to uncover a
potential scam from a medium. Locations seen throughout the movie include
L’Opera in Nice, Villa La Renardiere and Villa Eilenroc Antibes in

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Priceless (2006)

 French film icon, Audrey Tatou, stars as a gold digger who
lives the high life by convincing unsuspecting millionaires to fund her
luxurious life of quality hotels and designer clothes. Inspired by Breakfast at
Tiffany’s, the movie explores morals and the pursuit of money or love. The
glamourousness of the Cote D’Azur, from Biarritz to Monaco, is certainly shown
off in this witty movie about finding love.


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