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4 hidden gems puglia

Puglia is an Italian haven with everything you could want from an escape to the country; delicious food and wine, breath-taking scenery, fascinating culture and remarkable history. Many tourists flea to Puglia for these very reasons, but along with all of this, there are some fantastic hidden gems in the region.

In this blog, we share with you some of the best-kept secrets in Puglia so that when you visit, you can unearth some fantastic spots that are often missed, overlooked or simply not known about!

Discover Hidden Gems in Puglia

Whether you have visited Puglia before, you are a regular to the region, or you are planning your first trip, finding a hidden gem on your holiday is a brilliant feeling. Discovering secret spots that are often hidden away from the tourists allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of the new destination. Here are some of the places we highly recommend visiting in Puglia:

1. Castellana Grotte

The town of Castellana Grotte is brilliant both day and night, with each time offering a different kind of experience. The main gem in this town is the mighty caves; take a trip through beautiful crystalline concretions and explore the incredible scale of these fascinating tunnels.

You could easily spend hours wandering through the caves and never get bored; they are both stunning and captivating. If you are planning to visit Puglia at peak season, this is a fantastic time to take a trip to Castellana Grotte because they offer night tours; this experience is even more magical!

2. Grotta Palazzese

Perhaps a once in a lifetime experience, Grotta Palazzese is a restaurant that is situated in a cave that overlooks the sea. If you would like to enjoy an incredible meal featuring fresh seafood that also offers stunning panoramic views, then Grotta Palazzese is the place for you!

Enjoy a glass of vino with a delicious meal while watching the sunset. To find this little gem, visit the small town of Polignano a Mare; a place created for the romantics and dreamers!

3. Otranto

A small coastal town in Puglia called Otranto is a must-see when visiting the area. From brilliant independent restaurants that offer delicious authentic cuisine to quaint and quiet beaches with transparent blue waters, this place really is quite the experience.

You could spend hours wandering the winding streets and exploring unique shops and stalls. Then, you could take a trip to the sea and enjoy the afternoon relaxing on the sand and watching the waves of the azure water trickle onto the bay.

4. Torre Rinalda

You can find an incredible hidden gem on the way to Torre Rinalda. If you are on the hunt for a secret attraction in Puglia, take a trip to Torre Rinalda and enjoy the spot that up until now, only the locals know about. Here, you will find soft sands and a place to take a dip into the turquoise sea, without the hustle and bustle and noise of other tourists. Take a picnic, set up on the beach and relax!

The real gem though is, in fact, in the water. Roughly 50 metres from the shore is a ship wreckage; this was sunk by the British Navy in 1941. There is no need for scuba diving gear or even a snorkel. It isn’t very deep, and at low tide, you can even swim around it to get a look at the whole ship! It is highly recommended that you take an underwater camera if you have one so that you can capture this gem.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about some of the best-kept secrets in Puglia. For some more beautiful spots in Puglia, please take a look at our previous blog that looks at the coastal towns in Puglia!

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