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48 hours in capri – two days in series | travel guide

Celebrated and frequently visited for its outstanding views, Capri, situated along the desirable Amalfi Coast is one of the most mesmerising islands in Italy. The dramatic limestone and sandstone rocks that shape the landscape are more than picture-worthy, as they jolt from the turquoise ocean at a sheer incline and tower high above the sea level. The rugged scenery, vibrant towns and wealth of history are all enclosed within just 10.4km², making it a perfect destination for short breaks or excursions during your holiday, equally, a week or two can be filled with captivating days out and incredible sights! In our latest blog, we’ve covered a handful of the jaw-dropping sights, points of interests and activities that you won’t want to miss out on during 48 hours on the stunning island of Capri.

Day 1

Get an early start so that you can make the most of your time there. Not only does this give you a full day of sightseeing, but you’ll also be able to see the island immerge from its sleepy state and come to life with visitors. Head straight to the charming town of Capri (both the name of the island and one of the towns), grab yourself a coffee and breakfast and enjoy it with a table outside, so that you can absorb the atmosphere and watch as the streets awaken. Famed from the glamour and high-life, the narrow maze of lanes are lined with designer shops and exclusive boutiques, each selling an array of desirable items, from handbags, shoes and jewellery, to household furnishings and food and drink.

Clifftop views in Capri, Italy


After a morning of shopping and wandering the captivating streets, head to the heart of the town, Piazza Umberto which is also known as ‘little piazza’ for a relaxing lunch. The outdoor seating, luxurious bars and restaurants are more than comfortable, with predominately freshly caught seafood being served, along with delicious drinks to get you in the holiday spirit, your lunch in this unique destination is guaranteed to please!



The idyllic town of Capri not only draws visitors for its exclusive shops and eateries, but also for the array of fascinating sights. The 14th-century monastery and Charterhouse, the Certosa di San Giacomo, is claimed to be the oldest building on the island. For a small entrance fee, the public is invited to explore the library, exhibitions, museum and more. Alternatively, private tours are available but require booking in advance. The building demonstrates Caprese architecture and provides an insight into the island and its inhabitants’ history and developments.

After delving into the past and exploring the awe-inspiring Certosa di San Giacomo, take a five-minute stroll to the stunning park, the Giardini di Augusto. Boasting unparalleled views of the open ocean and Faraglioni rocks, as well as beautiful beds bursting with flowers, well-kept green spaces and topiary, an hour or two relaxing amongst this dream-like setting is likely to breeze past.

Capri cliffs

Day 2

Again, an early start is advised as it allows you to make the most of the day and the island’s offerings! Grab breakfast at your holiday villas in Amalfi Coast and then head to Anacapri. Known as the more authentic and less touristy of the two towns on the island, the destination is humble yet charming. At a higher elevation to its neighbour, the views of the open ocean and rugged and wild sea cliffs are unforgettable! Match that with the fresh scent of lemon trees and the artisan workshops and boutiques, and you’ve discovered one of Italy’s best-kept secrets, a delight for all of the senses! The views that can be admired at 589 meters above sea level, at the summit of Monte Solaro are unbeatable, and it is the perfect spot for your holiday panoramic. Sightings of the Bay of Naples and the mountains of Calabria can be enjoyed, along with the ocean below, speckled with luxurious yachts. Visitors can either get to the summit by chairlift; alternatively, the walk can take approximately two hours, when completed at a leisurely pace.



The Blue Grotto is one of Capri’s top attractions. Entered through an opening which is just two meters wide and a meter high, the natural sea cave is otherworldly. Midday to the early afternoon is the best time to go for the natural phenomenon that can be seen here. As the sun’s rays peep through the caverns, the reflections on the water produce a light and colour that you will fall in love with! The Azure waters which are tinted with silver flecks as the ocean gently moves gives you a fairy tale setting like no other.

Inside the Blue Grotto, Capri

Image credit: Glen Scarborough


Your time on the captivating island is almost at an end, head back to the town, explore the streets and find a restaurant to unwind and relax in while enjoying a sumptuous meal. As the end nears, reflecting on your incredible experience of the Italian island is sure to fill the conversation, while we hope you will begin planning your next once in a lifetime visit!


Boasting a Mediterranean climate, those in search of the warming rays are advised to visit the island during May, June, July and August, although the winter months are equally as appealing, as warm weather is maintained, and fewer visitors embark upon the island. When will you be visiting this Italian gem? Let us know via our social media channels!

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