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5 beautiful towns and villages in the dordogne

Dordogne region encompasses everything it means to be French, with beautifully
diverse landscapes, exquisite cuisines, extensive history and picturesque,
quintessential French villages. Chateaux infiltrate hilltops to make for serene
surroundings the whole family can enjoy and explore during their time in the
Dordogne. It comes as no surprise that the region is increasingly popular for
families in the UK, who like to include a combination of history, arts and
adventure to their holidays. We’ve put together a list of just some of our
favourite villages in the area, for you to discover and explore during a stay
in one of our family friendly villas, France


described as one of ‘the most beautiful villages of France’, Limeuil is a
stunning village in the Dordogne that is well worth exploring during your time
away. Cobbled and winding streets make their way through the village, which
itself is still partly surrounded by its fortified walls and boasts a variety
of different house styles, all of which make for a beautiful backdrop to a day
out. The panoramic gardens at the top of the town are a great spot to take in
some breath-taking views, perhaps with a baguette or two to stop tummies
rumbling. The village also boasts a beautiful river beach, perfect to relax and
recuperate after a couple of hours in the heat, as well as the opportunity to
cool if with a well-deserved dip. If you have time, check out La Chapelle St
Martin, which is about 1km away towards Le Bugue, a 12th-century
chapel dedicated to Thomas Becket.


This pretty
and elegant village to the east of the Dordogne receives more than a million
visitors every year. This is, in part, thanks to its significance as a
pilgrimage destination, acting as a stop on the path to Santiago de Campostela
and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a result of this. The village is set
on a dramatic cliff side and was voted as France’s favourite village in 2016.
The village has several highlights and is well worth exploring, aside from the
undeniable beauty of the location. A set of steps called the Grand Escalier has
around 216 in total and the climb can make for a fun, if challenging, afternoon
activity, for both adults and children alike! The village has an array of
religious buildings, including the Chapelle Notre Dame, the Saint-Michel
chapel, the basilica Saint-Saveur and the Palace of the Bishops. Each can and should
be explored on a day out to Rocamadour, before heading to the shade of the
Gouffre Di Padirac caves that are nearby.



This busy medieval
town boasts some troglodyte dwellings that date from around the 13th
century for you to explore. Fascinatingly, there is even several of these cave
dwellings under the main square of Belves, making for a great mid-afternoon
activity in shelter from the sun. Otherwise known as the ‘town of seven bell
towers’, this peaceful destination is also listed as one of ‘the most beautiful
villages in France’. The town comes to life on Saturday mornings with a
bustling market selling fresh, local produce and unique souvenirs to take back
for family and friends. Throughout the summer, there is an evening market on
Wednesday’s, where you can sit back, relax and select your dish from the
surrounding stalls. One of the biggest advantages to visiting Belves is its
physical position, on a rockcrop, overhanging the valley of the River Nauze.
You can enjoy spectacular views throughout your visit and perhaps discover
other hidden gems in the form of lesser known villages nearby.


Domme holds an
unrivalled position high above the Dordogne River itself, bringing with it
splendid views across the valley, demonstrating some of the finest examples of
French countryside. Like Belves, this town hosts an impressive cave system
underneat it’s main square, which were used to shelter the inhabitants of the
town during the Hundred Years’ War. Guided tours exploring the caves can be a
great activity during your time here and at the end of the tour a glass lift
transports you to an extraordinary viewpoint where you can appreciate panoramic
views of the surrounding landscapes. There is also a small train that will take
you on a tour around the interest points of Domme as well as L’Oustal du
Perigord, a museum based in a spectacular building on the main square which
holds many artefacts relating to life in the Perigord during the last century.
Visit on a Thursday to make the most of the local market.


Not far from Domme,
this exceedingly stunning village can be found on the banks of the River
Dordogne and hosts an impressive chateau behind it. There are plenty of shops,
cafes and restaurants for you to sit back and appreciate the winding,
picturesque streets and some fabulous boutiques selling jewellery made from the
enamel on copper. The village, more correctly called ‘Beynac-et-Cazenac’, is
the filming location of a couple of well-known films, including Chocolat and
The Joan of Arc Story. We advise returning to the village at night, when the
lights highlight the magnificence of the castle and create a calming atmosphere
for eating and drinking, as well as transforming into somewhat of a fairy tale

Whichever villages you
visit in this beautiful region, you are guaranteed to experience a wealth of
history, unrivalled views and a true taste of the traditional French culture,
including some of their more questionable delicacies! So indulge on frogs legs
and snails until your heart is content and if you can’t quite visit them all,
don’t worry – there’s always next time!

Image credit: Pug Girl

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