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five day trips from split

Croatia is a beautiful country that is becoming increasingly popular among travellers. A location full of history and culture, Croatia is also well-known for its vast Adriatic Coast, with over 1,000 miles of coastline just on the mainland! There are countless locations across the country that make for fantastic holiday destinations, but for those that are looking to explore all sides of Croatia during their trip, one of the most popular destinations is the city of Split.


Located in South Croatia along the Dalmatian Coast, Split is a historic town full of Croatian culture, from the Ancient Roman palace to the thriving bars and boutique shops within its grounds. More importantly, Split serves as a pivotal hub for the wider region, with its port and road links offering easy access to much of Croatia. If you’re thinking of visiting the city on your next break, take a look at the range of day pursuits that are all within reach!




Croatia is a country blessed with incredible natural beauty. Not only does it have the shimmering blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, but it also boasts a wealth of untouched lands full of life. Even when visiting towns such as Split, a natural escape is never far away, and one of the most popular locations for locals is Biokovo.


Just over one hour south of Split by car, Biokovo is a mountain range next to the beautiful port town of Makarska. The second highest range in Croatia, Biokovo has plenty of paths and hiking trails that can take you around and up to its summits, while the ease of access and stunning views, sometimes stretching back to Split, make it a fantastic trip!


The town of Makarska, with the Biokovo Mountains in the background



Croatia is about more than just the mainland; the country also encompasses many islands, and the majority are so well connected that it’s not uncommon to work on one and live on another! Split is one of Croatia’s most connected towns and, with many of the largest islands off its coast, it is possible to spend a day hopping across many of the country’s favourite locations. Islands like Brač and Vis are always popular, but Hvar is a particularly special location.


Just over an hour away by ferry, the island of Hvar is small enough to explore in a day, but also has enough locations to make any visit feel like time well spent. From the resort port of Hvar to the historic town of Stari Grad, not to mention Hvar’s stunning beaches, there is plenty to discover on this island.


Krka National Park


Located alongside the Krka River, about one hour north of Split, the Nacionalni Park Krka is a vast reserve full of popular sights. An almost untouched natural landscape, Krka features stunning waterfalls surrounded by vibrant green flora, while it also encompasses some traditional Croatian towns. One of the main highlights of this region is the Visovac Monastery sat on a tiny island in the heart of the river, but there is a range of outdoor activities to be enjoyed here too.


Waterfalls at Krka National Park in Croatia



If you are searching for a slice of Croatian history and traditional culture, then there are few better places to visit than Solin. A small town on the outskirts of Split, it is most widely known for being the location of Salona, an Ancient Roman city whose remains can still be seen today. This ancient site was once the capital for the Roman Empire in the region, and the ruins of the city’s baths and amphitheatre are just some of the historic remains that can still be found here. Meanwhile, local settlements such as Vranjic and Mravince make for the perfect trip through a more traditional side of Croatia.




One of the most popular locations to visit in the region, Trogir is a coastal town full of history. Located just over 30 minutes from Split by vehicle, the town actually sits across the mainland and the island of Čiovo, with a bridge joining the two parts together.


Trogir is one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Croatia, and its old buildings and street layouts have earned it World Heritage status. While its deep, winding streets are enough to captivate, the town also has a modern and vibrant ocean promenade lined with bars and cafés that become a hive of activity during warm summer evenings.


The promenade at Trogir, Croatia

These are just some of the things you can plan into your trip while staying in the Split area. Include the fact that Split has a wealth of culture and activities to explore on its own, and you have the perfect place to choose for your stay in our luxury holiday villas Croatia!

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