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5 hidden gems of sicily

Whether you want to visit Sicily’s fascinating
archaeological sites, walk along the sandy beaches or enjoy the delicious
cuisine, when you visit this part of the world you will be captivated. While
the most iconic and popular attractions on the island are guaranteed to excite
you, sometimes it is better to break away from the tourist trail to achieve the
full sense of a location. With this in mind, we have put together a list of some
hidden gems for you to discover when staying in one of our luxury villas in

The Norman castle in Erice

The Norman castle in Erice is also known as the Venus
Castle due to its history being related to the goddess of fertility. Where the
fortress lies now, it used to be a temple dedicated to Potnia, the goddess of fecundity,
worshipped by the Elymians, an ancient pre-Roman population that inhabited this
part of Western Sicily.

In the 12th century, the Normans used the stones of the
temple to build the castle, which was restored after a long period of decadence
in the 19th century by Count Agostino Piepoli. He had the pentagonal tower
rebuilt after it has been destroyed in the 1400s and created a beautiful
English-style garden, open to the public and destined to become a symbol of the


Located on a small island off the west coast of Sicily,
Mozia is steeped in heritage and history. There are many archaeological sites that
are based around the Phoenician settlement in the Mediterranean. However, it is
most famous for the windmills which provide the island with a picturesque
setting and create a great photo opportunity.

Gole dell’Alcantara

Situated below the hills of the Etna, the Alcantara
river canyon was formed by the erosional process of the Alcantara river by
lava flows dating from an eruption in prehistoric times. You can take a
guided walk where visitors can wade along the river bed or follow marked trails
through the impressive natural scenery. The unique natural environment can
also be admired from the top, which can be reached on foot or by lift.

Catacombe dei cappuccini

Maybe not to everyone’s taste, the Catacombe dei cappuccini consists of 8000 mummies placed here from 17C to 19C. The mummies have been
preserved due to the very dry air. Initially, the catacombs were intended as a
burial place for friars, but with time, prominent people also came to be buried
there. The last burials date from the 1920s. A two-year-old little girl was
also buried here, the only one that was not mummified but embalmed using a
special procedure, which left her virtually intact as if she were asleep.

Segesta Temple

High up in a rocky area towards the west of Sicily, is this
beautiful and magical temple. Segesta was originally founded by the Elymian
people, one of the native people of Sicily. It was later ruled by the Romans
but declined in importance before being finally abandoned in around the 13th

The 5th century BC Doric temple is truly magnificent as it
rises out of the landscape, its golden stone reflecting and almost radiating
light on a sunny day. Though never completed, it is one of the best-preserved
examples of a Greek temple, and so for the ancient history or archaeology fan,
it is unmissable.

A short walk from the temple takes you to the Greek (and
later Roman) theatre, which is an open Amphitheatre where in the summer Greek
plays are staged.

As the site of an ancient and important town which was
only abandoned in the Middle Ages, Segesta also boasts the archaeological
remains of many other times and cultures.

Although gazing at the 36 Doric columns is
enjoyable, some say what’s even better about the site is its surrounding view.

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