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5 new year resolutions to do on your holiday to france

With the New Year nearly upon us, it might
be time to start thinking about what you would like to achieve in the
forthcoming year. Going on holiday and experiencing different cultures and places
is one thing you which will remember forever. Take a look at this list below of
5 resolutions you should try and fulfil, whilst staying at one of our luxury villas in France.

1 – Taste new dishes

Food plays a
massive part in French culture and it is always served with pride, using the
freshest ingredients. It would be a shame to not taste the food which France
has to offer when visiting this part of the world. France is famous for many
dishes, such as the selection of cheeses, coq au vin, crêpes and crème brûlée
which you may have tried at home, but have you sampled these dishes in a
traditional French restaurant? When visiting, we recommend trying these authentic
dishes whilst in the area; they taste a lot different from restaurants in the

2 –  
Visit somewhere off the beaten path

France is full of places of outstanding
natural beauty, as well as traditional towns and cities. Of course, all popular
travel destinations are well worth the visit, but why not seek your own
adventure by visiting somewhere which is less known? You will experience
something different, whether it is history, landscapes or cuisine.

3 – Experience the local culture

When going to a new place, the culture is
something which can play a massive part in the enjoyment of your holiday. When
walking through a town or city, make sure to get involved in the local culture,
whether it is a festival, museum or just visiting a historic monument. Getting
involved in local events will help you absorb this different culture and you are
bound to make life-long memories.

4 – Get lost in a city or town

Cities and towns are often the best parts
of the country; they are lively and vibrant, but there can be many mysterious
places which are off the main streets. You wouldn’t even know that these places
were there if you followed a guide book, and there are many to explore. Not
knowing where you are going is sometimes better, take your time and explore,
and you will be surprised at how many things you may have missed if you were
rushing around.

5 – Treat yourself

Going on holiday is all about treating
yourself so go ahead and book a villa. Indulge in the great food and wine on
offer. Take an authentic cooking class and enjoy cooking from the incredible
ingredients France has to offer. Just relax, you have most certainly have earnt

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