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discover five of the best things about the french riviera

The south of France is home to some truly beautiful places such as the French Riviera and, in celebration of its beauty, we’ve come up with just five of the best things about this spectacular region of France.   


Sitting in the east of the Cote d’Azur, Nice has a very special element of charm about it. The buzzing city is filled with boutique restaurants, cafes and bars, providing a superb location to wander the streets. The beaches just add to the city’s exciting atmosphere, with a picturesque stony beach or swimming and snorkelling paradise, Nice has it all.


Often described as one of The French Riviera’’s best-kept secrets, Menton has a lot on offer. The dynamic beaches and gardens, such as the Serre de la Madone Gardens, showcase a fantastic array of rare plants and flowers, making a wonderful destination for family trips, particularly popular in the warmer summer months.

Le Bois des Lutins

This magical adventure playground provides a fun-filled day out for everyone. Although mainly focused on the children, the array of activities on offer means that all the adults will certainly enjoy the environment too. The main attractions here are incredible walks among the trees with netted supports, linking treehouses and plenty more. With fairies, elves, trolls and gnomes filling the surroundings to create that fairytale-like atmosphere.

Musee Oceanographique de Monaco

The Oceanography Museum delivers a spectacular view over the cliff face and out onto the sea offering panoramic views of Monaco. Inside the visions of beauty continue, with a touch pool and opportunities to see the fish being fed, the sea life captures the interest of both children and adults. There is also an incredible array of whale skeletons and other sea creatures from the all through history.

Places to stay

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