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5 reasons the south of france is perfect for families

The South of France might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you’re considering different locations for your next family holiday.


At first, your mind might lead you to cocktails in Cannes, an evening in the casino and exploring the streets of Nice as the sun sets. While all of these activities sound like the perfect way to relax and unwind during a break, they aren’t typical ways of entertaining the younger audience during a sun-soaked break.


Families often rule themselves out of this cosmopolitan holiday destination on the account that it’s not suitable for little ones.


Here at Quality Villas, we disagree, and think that our luxury holiday villas in the South of France actually provide the perfect base for your get-away. As a holiday destination, there are few in the world that offer such a unique and memorable time away for families.


We’ve covered just a few of the reasons as to why we think, adults and children alike will enjoy a holiday to this renowned part of the country.


Head to the Beach

An obvious entry, the South of France is home to some outstandingly beautiful beaches. Many of them are set up with all of the amenities you could need to make your visit with children in tow that bit easier!


With parking and toilets nearby, as well as various places to grab a bite to eat, you’ll have everything you need for a relaxing day of sun, sand and family time.


We’d recommend the following beaches:

• Plage de l’Almanarre
• Porquerolles
• Plage du Midi
• Plage des Salins 


Discover a secluded spot

For those who are keen to venture away from the crowded spots, a short journey down the coast and you’ll discover plenty of secluded bays which offer the perfect backdrop for your day spent splashing in the waves and making sandcastles. Take an indulgent picnic to make a day of it and bring along plenty of water and sun cream.


Rivers, Gorges and Lakes

Another one for the water-babies! The many rivers, gorges and lakes in the South of France offer a welcomed alternative to the beaches.


Azure waters await, while there’s plenty of scenic spots to settle amongst, allowing you to admire the view and enjoy the treasured time with your loved ones.


A playground for children

Verdon Gorge is a highlight of the area, and the natural landscape is outstanding. Families come to the area for swimming, kayaking, climbing, walking and many more activities!


Coined the ‘most beautiful place in the world’, what are inspiring views for the adults, makes a playground for children.


A short drive from Cannes

Hop in the car, and in less than an hour, you’ll discover the beautiful Lake of Saint-Cassien. Here, there are paddle boats available, nearby eateries and swimming is permitted. Tranquillity awaits, and the views are outstanding.


Museums and Art Galleries

Home to a rich history and diverse culture, Europe is an inspiring destination to visit for people of all ages, and the South of France is no different.


With several world-renowned museums and galleries, all of which are prepared to keep the minds of the younger visitors well-occupied, it’s the perfect activity for escaping the strength of the mid-day sun.


With displays, activities and exhibitions aimed at helping you entertain children, those reluctant to visit will quickly change their mind!


We’d recommend heading to the following:

• City of Space, Toulouse
Take a journey into space at the scientific discovery centre.

• Oceanographic, Monaco
Venture a little further east and visit the impressive Marine Science museum, also known as the Temple of the Sea.

• Villa Domergue, Cannes
Located just outside of Cannes, Villa Domergue is a fantastic all-rounder. With outstanding views, beautiful gardens and exhibits of the work of Jean-Gabriel Domergue and his wife Odette, there’s plenty to see!

• Natural History Museum, Nice
Zoological, vegetable and geological collections.


Adrenaline-Fuelled Activities

From mountain biking down steep yet exhilarating tracks to canoeing and kayaking, you won’t be short of pulse-raising activities for you and your little ones to enjoy during a stay in this part of the world.


The Languedoc has a myriad of rivers, all of which criss-cross with each other and make for the perfect family paddle conditions – albeit with a few small rapids in between!

A yellow kayak on the sea.

There are inexpensive hire shops up and down the region, and most will arrange your travel home from certain points on the river or mountain biking route as well, depending on how far you get.


Marvel at the Castles

The South of France is home to some of the most magnificent looking castles in Europe, all of which have an even more fascinating past that you can learn about during your visit.

Children will love looking at the fairy-tale towers, and their imagination is sure to run wild as they envision what life was once like for the inhabitants.


One particularly popular location is the Chateau de Peyrepertuse. It is home to some of the most spectacular views in all directions from its 800m rocky ridge.


That concludes our list of some of the many fantastic reasons you should consider a family holiday to this part of the world for your next getaway!


Bustling with visitors, many of the top locations in the South of France cater well for children, with activities, festivals and events throughout the year formed with them in mind.


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