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5 reasons to visit the south of france

Whether you’re dreaming of dipping your toes in the cool, refreshing sea’s at Saint-Tropez, or a taste of the luxurious lifestyle in Monaco appeals; there are a plethora of reasons the South of France makes the perfect holiday destination. With al fresco breakfasts featuring pastries galore, atmospheric towns and villages scattered across the area each with a rich history and a story to tell and gorgeous sunny weather all-but guaranteed, it would take much less time to list the reasons against visiting this holiday haven.


However, while the many lures of this part of the world are far from secret, there are various, lesser-known advantages to booking yourself one of our luxury holiday villas in the South of France. As if you needed any further persuasion, we’ve listed just five of the reasons this beautiful region should be next on your holiday bucket list!


The Beautiful Beaches are Unrivalled

For most, there’s no better feeling than the sand beneath your toes, the cool mistral through your hair and the ever-expanding sea stretching out ahead for whenever you need a cool-down. From vibrant beaches with bustling bars and a myriad of water sports to secluded, private bays with crystal clear waters; there really is something to suit all. Spend a relaxing day with a thrilling summer read, while the world passes you by and the promise of a fresh seafood dinner never far from your mind. Check out our recent blog post on 7 of the best beaches in the South of France for inspiration on some of the most fantastic seaside escapes near your villa.

Beautiful beach in Cannes

The Castles Are Like Something From a Fairy Tale

History might not be the first reason that springs to mind when you think about visiting the South of France, but spectacular towers are scattered all over the impressive countryside. Families will enjoy exploring the many turrets and walls imagining what life was once like for the royal residents, while there’s something undeniably romantic about the grand castles for those on a couples’ retreat. One iconic castle is the Château d’If in Marseilles, which some might recognise as the place where Alexandre Dumas locked up the Conte of Monte Cristo in a novel of the same name. Here, you can take a journey through time via an interesting boat trip that weaves around the mesmerising 16th-century towers at the harbour’s edge.

Chateau D’If in Marseille

The Cuisine Lives up to Expectations

Holidays are a time to indulge, and France is renowned for delectable dishes and some of the finest wines in the world, so any pre-holiday diets are best left at the airport. The South of France, in particular, is home to some household favourite specialities, including Ratatouille, tapenade, socca and fougasse, and regardless of whether you’ve had it before, we’re sure your desired dish will not disappoint. Fresh seafood will also be readily available, and for those residing close to the coast, it’s likely to be caught earlier that day by local fisherman. For foodies looking to expand on their cultural experiences, the traditional Escargot will also frequent menus, but the sheer amount of garlic used in this dish may make those on a romantic break reconsider their options!

Escargot, a signature French dish

The Multitude of Activities Available

If there’s one thing, other than wine, that you won’t be short of during a holiday to the South of France, it’s things to do while you’re there. Long, winding rivers with shallow waters and gentle rapids make for the perfect excursion for all abilities and allow you to take in the truly spectacular scenery that surrounds you. There are also plenty of waterfalls to explore via various trails, with some including the perfect pool for a refreshing cool off. Those that would prefer to stick to dry land can take a tour around one of the chocolate factories, tasting as you go of course, and learning the secrets behind the mouth-watering French chocolat. There are a few flat, safe cycle routes, namely the path alongside the Unesco-listed Canal du Midi, and you can cycle until you find the ideal spot for a riverside picnic. If you need a break from the sun, the city of Toulouse is home to the City of Space, where you can embark on astronaut training and even moon-walking, as well as take a tour of a real-life space station.

Cycling down a trail in the South of France

The Various Events That Take Place Throughout the Year

Regardless of when you decide to visit this desirable destination, there’s sure to be lots of festivals, events and traditions to keep you occupied. The star-studded French Riviera is home to prestigious events including Cannes Film Festival and the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, so visitors in May are likely to witness glitz and glamour aplenty. Saint-Jeans Fête celebrates the arrival of summer with fireworks, bull running, bonfires and concerts while those who love fireworks should also look at the Pyromelodic festival in August, whereby the shores of Antibes Juan Les Pins are lit up by countries competing with firework displays set to music. Nice is host to an 8-day music festival in July where you will be treated to the acoustic delights of all things Jazz, from gospel to urban funk. Digne-les-Baines has hosted the annual Lavender festival for the past fifty years, and visitors will enjoy the colourful treat for the senses, including parades.

Fireworks display in the South of France

We hope you enjoyed exploring our five reasons to visit the South of France, and that it has provided some inspiration for your next holiday. Have we missed any of your favourite things to do? Let us know via our social media channels, and we’ll be sure to include any recommendations you may have. If you’d like any information on how to book one of our luxury villas in the South of France, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and passionate team who would be more than happy to discuss your wants, needs and requirements.

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