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5 romantic things to do in italy

When it comes down to romance, Italy is the perfect backdrop
and is a beckon for lovers of all ages. Fabulous food, fine wine, culture,
atmosphere and history, makes Italy the perfect romantic haven. We have picked
our 5 favourite romantic activities to do whilst you are holidaying in Italy
with your soul mate.

1 – Stay Somewhere Luxurious

If you are making your way around Italy, it is worth having
at least one luxurious experience. Try looking for luxury villas in Italy. Having a private villa all to yourself sounds amazing,
doesn’t it? Imagine after a busy day, you could just go back and relax and
spend some quality alone time together.

2 – Visit Venice

Venice is supposedly the most romantic city on Earth. Even
those who hate clichés won’t be able to deny the romance in this unique and
captivating place. Pack a map and escape the crowds to explore the quiet and
picturesque canal sides and lanes to wander hand in hand.

Take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice. Be sure to
pick a quieter time, as you wouldn’t want to get stuck in a ‘gondola jam’ – it
may kill the romantic vibe. Pack a bottle of your favourite vino and some
glasses, so you can sit back and relax; just check if this is okay with your
gondolier first.

The golden glow of a late afternoon in Venice is
breath-taking. The sunset can be a marvel of pink skies. If you are thinking
about popping the question, this would be the most perfect time.

3 – Visit the Amalfi Coast and Take a boat ride

The Amalfi Coast is the perfect example of a luxurious Mediterranean
landscape. It has so much beauty, with its coastal mountains that plunge into
the crystal sea. You can cruise around the island and see Italy at a different
angle. Beautiful villas, mountains and vineyards can all be viewed while riding
along the water with the one you love.

4 – Visit Lake Como

Lake Como offers stunning views of villas and acres of quaint
towns that are sprawled alongside the beautiful lakeside. If you are looking to
escape reality, this is the perfect place to cut out the rest of the world as
it is full of peace and serenity.

5 – Take Cooking Classes

Taking a cooking class in Italy together is the perfect
romantic activity. Learn to cook with authentic and local produce, which you
will dying to make when you return. You can reminisce about your trip way after
you have returned by cooking some of these rustic Italian dishes you learnt in
your class.

Italy really does have so much to
offer. You can plan your trip thoroughly or just go with the flow. As long as
you both have a fantastic time, and appreciate the beauty around you, it will
be one of the best trips you ever make.

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