5 Travel bloggers we love

01st February, 2017
Reading travel blogs is a good way to get some inside knowledge on an area before you travel there. We love catching up on the latest travel stories from travel bloggers around the web. Travel blogging is about creating and joining an online community, where writers can share their experiences, tips and stories with their readers.

Capturing experiences and spreading the knowledge of what to see and do whilst traveling, whether it is a blog, video or review. Blogging doesn’t just help the readers discover new things, but it in fact lets the bloggers remember the most cherished parts of their travelling journey.

Below we have listed five of our favourite travel bloggers:

Mapping Megan

Mapping Megan is a blog run by Megan and her husband Mike. In this blog they post numerous travel guides and tips from their trips around the world. As well as their fantastic and insightful posts, they also take some beautiful photos whilst on their travels. There are so many great posts throughout the blog, it is hard to pick a favourite! One of our favourites is the post about their trip to Iceland, this post is packed full of great information, helping its readers get the most from their own adventure to Iceland.

Follow MappingMegan on Twitter: @MappingMegan and Instagram: MappingMegan

The Travelista

The Travelista is a luxury travel blog written by Jess Gibson. Jess’s blog has tonnes of fantastic posts about her travels throughout the world, as well as reviews and a ‘shop my style’ section. We particularly love her posts about her visit to Florence, where she travelled with her boyfriend. From her experience in Florence, she created a handy travel guide for her readers, along with some lovely photos. Jess has won a number of awards for her travel blog, and rightfully so! Jess’s blog is beautifully laid out, and her posts are a real insight into what it is like to travel.

“Creating this blog has transformed my life in ways I could have never imagined. My heart and soul goes in to it and it continues to evolve each day.”

Keep up to date with Jess’s travels by following her on Twitter: @travelistajess

Mrs O. Around The World

Mrs O. Around The World is a luxury blog about the travels and lifestyle of Ana Silva O’Reilly. Her blog is beautifully presented and tells stories of Ana’s personal travels around the world. As well as her great posts of her travels through the world, she also writes a number of pieces about beauty essentials and shopping guides. Our favourite post is from her trip to Bordeaux, France titled ‘A luxury wine weekend around Bordeaux, France’. In this post Ana writes about her weekend trip visiting this part of France, and her trip to Chateaux Fontplegade.

Follow Mrs O. on Twitter: @mrsoaroundworld

A Cruising Couple

A Cruising Couple is an adventure/travel blog written by lovebirds Dan and Casey. Their blog consists of travel tips, experiences and guides on some of the most amazing places they have travelled to. We especially love Dan and Casey’s post called ‘30 Photos That Will Make You Want To Take A Road Trip Through Tuscany’. The photos are stunning, and gives you a true insight into what Tuscany is really like.

‘It doesn’t matter if you only have a two-week vacation or you’re on a permanent journey around the world. Here at A Cruising Couple, you’ll find inspiration for your adventures and the resources you need to make them happen—with a dash of class to keep things comfortable.’

Follow A Cruising Couple on Twitter: @ACruisingCouple

Luxury Travel Diva

Luxury Travel Diva is a luxury worldwide travel and lifestyle blog. Marie, who is from the UK and writes number of beautifully presented blog posts, reviews, tips and experiences through different parts of the world. One of our favourite posts is Venice – Live Like a Venetian, as Marie has some beautiful photos of the canals and coloured buildings.

Marie also has a little list of travel rules which she abides by:

-“Travel in style! Essential but not necessarily expensive. Luxury does not necessarily involve money a moonlit walk along a beach is the ultimate in luxury for most city dwellers and is FREE.”

”Stress-free. Life is too short – make everything as uncomplicated as possible. We all feel stressed by different things in life, make sure you address the issues that affect you while travelling. For me, this means flying business or first class (I’m too old for budget flights, unless they are very short!). Splurge on the most extravagant hotel or villa that you can afford, it will be worth every penny.”

”Enjoy! The MOST important.”

Find Marie on Twitter here: @roquebrunoise1

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