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5 unmissable sunset spots in florence

It comes to no surprise that the beautiful city of Florence is partly a UNESCO World Heritage site. Awe-inspiring medieval and Renaissance architecture bursts from street to street amongst the untouched rolling backdrop of Tuscan hills. Here at Quality Villas, we believe the most memorable way to witness its magnetic charm is in the warm haze of a Tuscan sunset. And what makes Florence unique from one evening to the next? It has a diverse range of breath-taking locations. Whether you want to experience cultural sites, a rooftop bar or find a peaceful place away from the crowds, there are many spots to choose.

Piazzale Michelangelo

Beginning with the unmissable, and not surprisingly the most popular, Piazzale Michelangelo. A charismatic square with a panoramic view of the city, this is a must for anyone wanting to embrace Florence at sunset. A pleasant walk up the hill through the laid-back streets of the town leads you to this incredible location. Alternatively, if you would like a break from wandering, hiring a Segway for the ascent is also a relaxing option. Once you arrive, the scene is set with Italian street artists and musicians. Find yourself a pleasant bar or restaurant to gaze upon the square for a drink or a bite to eat, La Loggia is a strong suggestion.

Sunset with orange and pink shaded clouds.

Explore the Many Tuscan Roof Top Bars

For anyone craving to close the hot day with a cosmopolitan twist, a rooftop bar is an attractive destination for sunset. And fortunately, Florence has an array of charming venues for you to discover. One of our preferences is La Terrazza at Hotel Continentale. The rustic medieval architecture is an idyllic Tuscan background to overlook the Arno river and Cathedral. This sunset is unforgettably picturesque.

Cocktail with a slice of orange in the glass.

Climb the Duomo in Florence

If distantly gazing at the Cathedral is not enough for your adventurous nature, climbing the 400 steps to the top of the Duomo of Florence is the next event on the list. The building itself is, of course, magnificent, and with breezier temperatures in the early evening, exploring to the top at sundown is not only practical but also an extraordinary sight for all. As the sun gradually falls behind the city, the last of the warm rays bounce off an endless sea of red of Tuscan rooftops. It is absorbingly calming, and a must do at the close of day.

The Duomo in Florence.

Relax at the Arno River

As the sun makes its descent, the serene Arno river becomes a mass of fiery red and orange hues. Not only can one observe its exquisiteness from the ever so admired Ponte Vecchio bridge, but a more intimate view is also desirable. A traditional wooden boat named a barchetto can blissfully guide you across the river in the early evening. To make the most of this delightfully romantic experience, we would suggest arranging a bottle of wine for you to dip into as well.

The Arno River, Florence.

Unwind in the Giardino Bardini

Florence is blooming with many stunning gardens, Boboli being a common choice with tourists. However, if you desire a calmer locality, Bardini is a particular sunset spot. The garden holds many pretty terraces which provide a perfect platform to observe down and across the golden city during sundown. The journey to the panoramic views of Bardini is complimented by gorgeous private gardens along the way, giving you a unique insight into local Italian neighbourhoods. Relaxing in the gardens with a picnic of traditional Tuscan cuisine is a must and cannot be missed.

A board with crackers, cheese, grapes and strawberries on it.

Describing the gorgeousness of a Florence sunset is hard to justify in words alone. If you can imagine yourself enjoying any of these sunset experiences, why not take a look at our own luxury holiday villas in Tuscany and turn the visualisation into reality. For day time inspiration in Tuscany, please take a look at our blog Six of the Most Famous Landmarks in Tuscany.

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