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5 unusual ways the french mark christmas

If you are
planning to spend your Christmas in France, you might be excited about the
forthcoming traditions of a French Christmas. France is renowned for being a
quirky place and some of their Christmas traditions are very unusual. 

Zoo de la Fleche

In recent years,
the Zoo de la Flèche in Le Mans has been spoiling its resident animals with
Christmas gifts, which they are open with much enthusiasm.

13 desserts in Provence

In Provence, one
dessert is not nearly enough if you are celebrating Christmas. It is a
tradition to have thirteen dessert options after your Christmas meal. You share
these meals with everyone and it signifies the sharing of Christ. These
fabulous desserts will traditionally include pastries, dried fruit, nougat and
candied fruit. If you are staying in one of our villas in Provence,
why not try re-creating this dish?

Noel aux Nefs

A unique artistic
project called Les Machines de l’Ile, which is held at one of Nantes former
shipyards. It is described on their website as a “crossroads of Jules
Verne’s ‘invented worlds’, the mechanical universe of Leonardi da Vinci, and of
Nantes’ industrial history…”. Sounds intriguing, right?

One of the many
highlights of this project, is a 12-metre mechanical elephant which can hold up
to 50 passengers at a time, and takes them for a ride around the shipyard. Each
Christmas the Machines de l’Ile, puts on a show called “Noel aux
Nefs”, this features ballet dancers, circus performers and ice sculptors.

Les Santons of the South

Nativity scenes
are widely popular throughout France, however the people of Provence put their
very own unique twist on them, using small clay figures which they call
santons, or “little saints”.

these figures are handmade at home with the family, these figures can be
bakers, men selling fresh chestnuts or just local personalities from normal
village life. These unique village scenes are meant to represent to ideal
Provencal village.

Holiday Acrobatics in Rennes

The historic city
of Rennes puts on a very unique acrobatics show in the main square. In recent
years, it has seen tightrope walkers and aerial dancers who perform in front of
the courthouse.  

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