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5 vegetarian restaurants in st tropez

Vegetarianism and Veganism has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, with more people striving for a meat-free diet than ever before.  Be it for environmental, health or morality reasons, there are lots of different factors that can cause people to change their diet, while for some, plant-based foods are all they have ever known. Whatever your reasoning, you should be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want and there’s nothing worse than settling down for a meal out at a nice restaurant only to find that the vegetarian options are few and far between. St Tropez is a luxury destination in the South of France that is accommodating for such dietary requirements – as long as you know where to find it. The French cuisine in this region is typically centred around seafood, but restaurateurs have become wise to the increasing demand for meat-free menus. We have made a list of just some of the many restaurants that are either solely vegetarian or offer an extensive range of options beyond the bland-looking dishes that others can offer. 

Rivea by Alain Ducasse

Enjoy the pleasure of simple and healthy products inspired from both French and Italian influences at Rivea. This fine-dining establishment takes the very best inspiration from regions all over the South of France to include an extensive range of delicious dishes, including a variety of vegetarian options. As you might expect from the luxury resort of St Tropez, the restaurant has an element of grandeur about it and is perfect to celebrate a special occasion or for a romantic evening with a loved one. Remember to book ahead of time, as the restaurant has got a name for itself in the area and many will travel from far and wide to sample some of the creations from talented chef Alain Ducasse. Check out the tempura courgette flowers or the casserole of cereals and legumes for the explosion of flavour that is all-too-often missing from meat-free dishes. 

La Table du Mas

An entire vegetarian menu is inspired by St Tropez icon Brigitte Bardot, who has long-since been a vocal advocate of vegetarianism and the meat-free movement. The dishes are comprised of simple, seasonal ingredients that transform into flavoursome delights you’ll be talking about for years to come. One entrée in particular is avocado served as a seasoned guacamole with grilled pumpkin and sunflower seeds, pickled vegetables and bulgar with candied lemon and herbs. Sit beside the pool and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere provided by the luscious greenery that surrounds you while Chef Mathieu Héricote works hard to bring his culinary creations to life. The restaurant also caters for plant-based visitors, offering a vegan menu with a range of options to choose from. 

example of vegan meal

Vague d’Or

Treat yourselves to a symphony of the flavours of Provence with a trip to the Vague d’Or, where Chef Arnaud Donckele leads an orchestra of talented chefs to serve some of the finest food there is. The restaurant is the recipient of three Michelin stars, a good indication of just how marvellous your dishes are likely to be. The vegetarian menu makes it worth the visit alone, as it is played out in 5 ‘acts’. The selection is described as a ‘rousing symphony through Yann Menard’s kitchen garden’ and is perfect for ‘vegetarians and diners who enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer’. Each dish is as beautifully presented as the next and the focus on all things Mediterranean makes this the ideal, authentic restaurant to enjoy the creations that are inspired by the environment around them. 

La Villa Belrose

Perched atop a hillside away from the hustle and bustle of the streets of St Tropez sits La Villa Belrose. Chef Pietro Volonté has received a Michelin star for his Italian take on Mediterranean cuisine and is renowned for his signature dish of risotto in a parmesan wheel. Vegetarians and vegans are not forgot in this luxurious setting where dishes change regularly depending on the vegetables that are in season. Example dishes range from carrot soup with olive oil and mandarin to a sweet risotto with basil and strawberries. The restaurant itself provides a relaxing atmosphere where diners can enjoy their food with spectacular views of the coastline below, while the romantic terrace makes the perfect sunset meal for those celebrating an anniversary. 

View of St Tropez

Hotel de Paris Saint Tropez 

Standing tall in the centre of St Tropez, this restaurant within a hotel offers a delicious vegan menu featuring a plethora of tempting options. From quinoa tabbouleh to chilli sweet potato spaghetti, the unique combinations of flavour are what set this establishment aside from others in St Tropez. The menu is, again, inspired by Mediterranean products, with Chef Pierre-Alain Garnier working hard to create bespoke blends for a taste like no other and nearly all of the ingredients will be sourced as locally as possible, guaranteeing both freshness and quality. Enjoy the culinary creations in a casual chic setting that provides a relaxing, intimate environment for relishing the delicious dishes. 

That concludes our guide to some of the fine vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in this luxury resort. We hope this is useful for any visitors staying in our luxury villas in the South of France, and that you have a fantastic holiday, wherever you decide to dine. Do you know any vegans or vegetarians heading to St Tropez? Share this blog with them so they can learn about some of the finest, accommodating restaurants in the resort. If you have visited and experienced meat-free cuisine first-hand whilst on holiday in St Tropez, share your experiences with us and other visitors via the comments on our social media channels. Those travelling with children can check out one of our other blog posts, 5 Family-friendly Restaurants in St Tropez, for more inspiration. 

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