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5 ways travel enriches your life

For many of us, we always wish that we could travel more. Travelling means a variety of things, not just dropping everything and leaving for a couple of years and exploring the world. It could mean just taking a well-deserved holiday to a new part of the world for a week.

This a common misconception, as you often see many people plan a trip of a lifetime to Australia or Thailand. However, if you wish to keep things a little closer to home and enjoy a touch of luxury, there is nothing wrong with that!

Travelling anywhere in the world can really open up your mind to different cultures, traditions and food. Below, you will find five reasons why travelling enriches your life.

1) It can help you understand different cultures
Whilst travelling, your experiences can change your perception of the world. You will experience new places, various cultures and learn we really aren’t that different at all. You will be able to learn from experiences, and that will broaden your horizons and the way you look at the world around us.

As the UK is only a tiny island, we always seem to be cut-off from the rest of the world.

When people think of France, their thoughts are often focused on Paris, as it is the centre of fashion, cuisine, art and architecture, but life outside the city lights is very different. France doesn’t just have different cultures, but the world culture actually comes from France. The French take immense great pride in their nation and rightly so.

Italy is a region steeped in the arts, architecture, family and food. Home to the Roman Empire and central hub of the Renaissance, culture has flourished for centuries. Each region has its now unique flavour – you need multiple trips to this amazing country to start to get a feel for its incredible variety.

In 2018 we added a portfolio or villas in Croatia – an easy hop, skip, jump from the UK – OR – why not do a 2 centre holiday and take a ferry from Southern Italy to Croatia!

Marrakech in Morocco s just 4 hours flight from the UK but is a holiday to awaken the senses.


2) It can make you more social

When travelling, you often become more social as you tend to mingle with other families or couples. From your experiences on your travels, you may pick up facts and recipes which can be implemented into everyday life. That delicious pasta recipe you pick up on your holiday to Italy whilst attending a cooking class can be a great reason to invite your family and friends round.


3) It can create better opportunities
When travelling in different places, you never know who you might meet. You could be at a restaurant one evening, and the chap next to you might be interested in what you do for work, you could get talking, and he could be your next client. You may not be looking for these types of opportunities, but they can sometimes take you by surprise, just from a spur of the moment conversation or thought. You could get inspiration from places you have seen and visited, and this might make you want to start a new business or implement them in your current job. To go a step further, look for these new opportunities that will be coming your way.


4) It creates lifelong memories
When staying in one of our family friendly villas,  you can create some memories which can last a lifetime. Just think, the whole family together in a private villa – pure bliss! Having the whole family together and experiencing food, culture and new places can bring everyone a little closer too.

It is the same if you are travelling as a couple, as experiencing a relaxing holiday and just getting away for a week can bring you closer together. We are sure that you will create some treasured memories when you are on your holiday.


5) It makes you happy

Escaping from the stress of everyday life can do wonders for your mind and happiness. Soaking up the sun and just having a genuinely good time brings us happiness and can give us a better perspective on our lives. Happiness can be found from the most simple things like good food, wine and experiencing something you haven’t done before.

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