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6 beautiful coastal towns in puglia

The heel of Italy’s iconic boot, Puglia is a sun-soaked and culture infused holiday hot spot. The golden sands, mouth-watering cuisine and immersive history contribute to a destination that oozes charm and appeal. Glistening azure waters and warm golden sand awaits; if it’s a coastal paradise you’re looking for, then Puglia may be for you! Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favourite seaside spots, so that you can add them to your holiday itinerary and enjoy them too.


Located on Puglia’s Gargano Peninsula in the north, is the beautiful town of Vieste. A fusion of old and new, this delicate blend provides a delightful place to explore. It’s the mesmerising seascape that draws many visitors here. The renowned white cliffs, hidden coves, dramatic rock formations and inviting ocean create a picturesque backdrop for your holiday. One of Vieste’s most photographed scenes is Pizzomunno Bay, where an expanse of open beach has a striking feature, a large stand-alone limestone rock.

The Gargano Peninsula is not only famed for its outstanding landscape but also its wildlife. While you’re visiting Vieste, make a special trip to lake Varano to spot the resident pink flamingos!


This historical settlement has charm and interest at every corner but, one of the most imposing of the town is the Castle of Aragonese Otranto. Built in the 15th century, its remains continue to dominate today, and visitors are invited to explore the ancient ruins during a guided tour. The lure of the beach is undeniable in Puglia, and you won’t be disappointed in Otranto. Alongside the antiquity of this unique location is a beautiful coastline. The exquisite colour of the sea against the white-sanded beaches are simply picture-perfect.

Polignano a Mare

With the clear blue waters of the Adriatic coast below, Polignano a Mare sits on top of a 20-meter limestone cliff. What makes this location so beautiful is the unique and contrasting setting; the white buildings dramatically emerge from the blue sea beneath. It is enchanting along the coast, yet head into the old town and you will be equally as amazed. Antique buildings and churches line winding streets – it’s the perfect place to get lost for an hour or two.


Neighbouring Polignano a Mare is the large fishing settlement of Monopoli. Time often appears to be still by the sea, and hours can be passed watching the small fishing vessels come in and out of the port at Monopoli, while seafarers mend nets on the shore. With artisan shops and traditional markets, it’s a place that feels a world away from the tourism traps and instead, maintains the authenticity so many of us are longing for.

Torre Canne

Torre Canne is located between the cities of Brindisi and Bari; it is said to be the seaside spot where the locals go. It’s beautiful beaches, and selection of fine seafood restaurants make it an idyllic place to spend a week or two soaking up the sun, enjoying the views and making most of the outstanding menus. Alongside the long stretches of white-sanded beaches is Dune Costiere Park, which consists of ancient olive-groves, wetlands and wildlife.
Keep a half a day or longer in your itinerary for taking a dip in the sulphate thermal waters of the town. Coming from underground springs, the mineral-rich waters and mud are said to have healing properties.


A hidden gem, Trani is just a short drive or train journey from Bari, yet the town couldn’t feel further apart.
Much like the rest of the coast, white-washed buildings and crystal-clear seas await. During your visit, embrace the slower and more relaxed pace, take in the views and enjoy the delicious foods available at the restaurants. We’d recommend visiting the magnificent Cathedral of Saint Nicolas, located near the harbour, dating to the 12th century, it is a prominent landmark of the town.

Will you be adding Puglia to your holiday bucket-list? Let us know via the comments or our social media channels which of these seaside towns you’re planning on spending time at. If you’re still searching for your accommodation in the area, we have a stunning selection of luxury holiday villas in Puglia, each offering a touch of opulence to your break!

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