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6 books featuring the french riviera

Whether you’ve previously visited the French Riviera or you are in the midst of planning your first getaway to the alluring coastal destination, it will come as no surprise that this world-renowned holiday hotspot serves as an idyllic backdrop for a number of page-turning books. From whirlwind romances forged along the shores to bribery and betrayal amongst the historical streets, the Riviera, it’s outstanding views and pleasant temperatures have been inspiring writers and visitors alike for many years. It’s a location that sets a scene like no other, with an encompassing opulence and an enthusing culture, mystery and excitement are a given.

Riviera Stories: Just Below the Surface by Debra Moffitt

Debra Moffitt delves into the lives of several Riviera residents, each with their own pasts and passions. The characters yearn for something more than the wealth and glamour that surrounds them living on the Riviera, and each story from the collection portrays their journey of a search for something more meaningful. With multiple characters, it’s easy to relate to this page-turner, whether it’s the dreamy waiter, a love-longing expat or a famous musician, in a world of fame and fortune, this is a humbling read which will make you consider and appreciate which elements in life are most important.

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The Riviera Set by Mary S. Lovell

Renowned for being a sun-soaked playground for the rich and famous, The French Riviera Set immerses you into the 1930s, when the screen and stage star Maxine Elliott created a utopia mansion, where royalty socialised with musicians and politicians with playwriters. The Chateau de L’Horizon became a symbol of affluence, as well as being the place where the rich and famous went to socialise and party. Mary S. Lovell meticulously researched the book, and the characters and lifestyle portrayed create an entertaining and enjoyable insight into the lavishness of celebrities during the period.

The Hotel Riviera by Elizabeth Adler

A love story with twists and turns and tales and tragedy, The Hotel Riviera is a perfect read for those looking to get a fix of romance. The fast-paced novel follows the life of Lola Laforet who, following a wedding to a jaw-droppingly handsome Frenchman, then finds herself working at the Hotel Riviera. Months of newly-wed bliss leads Lola to believe she is living a life she could only have imagined in her dreams, until one morning, Mr Laforet disappears. The romance and charm of the Riviera are beautifully portrayed within the book, while the characters and their lives offer plenty of suspense to keep you turning the pages.

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Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

A classic novel by the renowned F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night is a must-read if you like descriptive writing styles. The book is often referred to as autobiographical, and alcoholism, mental instability and passionate young love is portrayed throughout. Set in the 1920s on the French Riviera, it is at times tragic, while others are poetically hopeful. The story follows the dynamic relationship between Dick and Nicole Diver, and their romance with a young actress, Rosemary Hoyt.

Maigret on the Riviera by George Simenon

George Simenon is one of the best-selling authors of the 20th century; his credible reputation is upheld with the 17th edition of his series, Maigret on the Riviera. The feel of the cosmopolitan location is aptly and lyrically described, transporting readers to the French coast, while the plot creates suspense and mystery. Maigret is sent to the French Riviera to investigate the murder of an Australian, whose life was at the time, excessive, with booze and frequenting women taking over. Packed full of twists and red herrings, each chapter presents more questions and an ever-laying detail to the plot.

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A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle

A book much-loved by readers across the globe, A Year in Provence indulges in the pleasures, challenges and humour of rural French life through the eyes of Mayle and his wife, who close to the publication, made the bold move of pursuing a warmer climate and more desirable way of life. This is a light-hearted, feel-good read, one which will make you want to sell your house, pack your bag and head to France to discover and embrace a more idyllic lifestyle.

Whether you’re searching for a book to steam through during your next break or you simply want to be transported to the gorgeous French Riviera, these are a must for your ‘to-read’ list. Why not take a look at our luxury holiday villas, French Riviera and explore the stunning location for yourself!

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