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6 souvenirs to bring back from croatia

Croatia is quite a place to visit, which means there will be some wonderful things to bring back. Here are our suggestions on what to buy, to bring a piece of Croatia back home with you.


Rakija is a strong-smelling homemade brandy, which is made from the distillation of fermented fruits. It contains 40% alcohol, which is around the same amount as other spirits, although homemade rakija can contain an alcohol percentage as high as 60.

This drink is very popular in Croatia and not just for drinking. It can be used for cleaning and medicinal purposes too. Because of the nature of its production, there are many types and varieties of rakija.

The most popular type of rakija can be found along the coast of the Adriatic Sea and goes by the name of lozovača. This particular type of rakija is made from the fermented residue of pressed grapes and can also have additional ingredients added to it, such as nuts and honey.

Rakija doesn’t have to be made from grapes, but can also be produced from figs, apricots and walnuts to name a few, and come presented in charming glass bottles which can make the perfect souvenir or gift for someone.

Maraschino cherries and liqueur

Maraschino, The Adriatic Liqueur, is a well-known drink all over the world and for very good reason. This alcoholic beverage is made from the Marasca cherry, which is a type of sour Morello cherry that grows in Dalmatia. The fruit’s largest crop is in Zadar, Croatia, which makes this a tasty Croatian souvenir for the adults in your life.

Licitar Hearts

Licitar hearts are wonderful little creations that would make the perfect gift to take home, either for yourself or for someone else.

Back in the 16th Century, these hearts were used to show someone that you love them and are made out of all edible items.
With a gingerbread base, the heart is intricately decorated and features words and quotes on its design.
These take a long while to make, and while they are edible, most are just used as a treasured decoration.


Hvar, an island in Croatia, is well known for its abundance of lavender and was at one point the eighth biggest producer of lavender in the world. This makes lavender a staple fragrance for Croatia and a wonderful core of a souvenir. Local lavender can be found in many products, such as homemade soap, oil, and bath salts. Croatia also offers more unique lavender products too, such as painted canvas bags with dried flowers, cushions and also liqueur!

Wooden toys

The traditional manufacturing of children’s wooden toys in Croatia is well known as the product of Hrvatsko Zagorje. This craft dates back to the 19th Century, and it was listed as UNESCO intangible heritage in 2009. The reason why these wooden toys are so special is that this tradition was preserved in villages in Zagorje (Croatian for “land behind the hills”). The way these toys are made has remained the same ever since.

The production of the toys at its peak had 120 different designs and are now limited to 50 and the toys themselves are made out of various softwoods that are available around the area such as beech, willow, lime and maple. These handmade toys make a wonderful souvenir or gift as they capture the essence of Croatia, and each toy is entirely unique.

A picture of a Croatian market

Croatian lace (Pag)

Croatian Pag lace is produced only on the Pag Island, hence its name. This lace is so intricately designed and is made using an ordinary mending needle. These stunning lace patterns once adorned the clothes of Princesses and Empresses throughout Europe, and now exists as a magical, luxury souvenir throughout Croatia.

If this piece has inspired you to travel to Croatia just for the amazing things you can bring home with you, why not browse our Luxury holiday villas in Croatia for an amazing trip.

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