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7 days in arezzo

When people think of Tuscany, the first places that spring to mind are Florence, Pisa and Siena. Arezzo, however, is what you would call a ‘hidden gem’; a historic city, radiating charm from its architecture and ambience. Locals and tourists come together to create a lively and welcoming atmosphere which will make you wonder why you didn’t holiday here sooner.


For those needing a little guidance on how to make the most of your trip to Arezzo, check out our seven-day itinerary here:


Day One- The Piazza Grande


Once you’ve settled into your holiday villas in Tuscany, you may be itching to get out and see the sights. First on your list must be the Piazza Grande, the beating heart of the city. The piazza is known for its characteristic sloping, but this piazza is more than just a landscape wonder; there is enough here to keep you busy all day.


Admire the architecture, from the towering, 16th-century Palazzo delle Logge Vasariane that overlooks the piazza to the saintly Palazzo della Fraternità dei Laici in the northwest, merging Gothic and Renaissance styles that creates a unique spectacle.


Dive into the electricity of the antique fair with over 500 stalls taking over the city streets and even meandering out into the side alleyways. At any given time, there could be at least 30,000 people browsing the offerings, all looking for that distinctive gift to take home with them, and with everything from Roman coins, china to old-school telephones and clocks, there’s something to satisfy everyone. The grand fair commences every first Sunday of the month, so be sure to plan your holiday around this occasion. However, if you miss out on this lavish affair, there is plenty to feed your appetite for antiques in the various stores around the city, all of which are open all year round.


Day Two- Basilica di San Francesco and an Italian Park


The 14th-century Basilica di San Francesco is home to one of the greatest Italian artworks: The Legend of the True Cross. This fresco, painted between 1452 and 1466, depicts a fantastical tale of the cross used in Christ’s crucifixion, with a series of scenes that feature some of the most notorious religious and historical figures throughout the ages.


Booking is recommended, especially in peak season, as only 25 people are allowed admission every half hour.


After a morning marvelling at the prestigious artwork, grab lunch in one of the local cafés before heading to one of the many parks in Arezzo.

The Parco Sandro Pertini, in the southern side of the centre, is easily accessible. With plenty of footpaths around the grounds, you can soak in the natural wonders while on the hunt for the perfect sunbathing spot to bask in the gorgeous Italian weather.


Day Three- The Medici Fortress


No trip to Arezzo would be complete without a visit to The Medici Fortress, built between 1538 and 1560. Located within the city walls, the ruin is all that remains of the five-point structure that previously stood. The ruins show the numerous building styles that made up the once dominating fortress.


On top of the wall, you can enjoy a 360-degree, unobstructed view of Arezzo and the nearby land.


Spend the rest of the day relaxing at your villa; you’ll need the energy for tomorrow’s activities.


Day Four- Lake Trasimeno 

A view over Lake Trasimeno.

After the hustle and bustle of city life, you may want to immerse yourself in the renowned, natural landscapes of Italy. One option is Lake Trasimeno, located one hour’s drive east from Arezzo. It is the fourth largest lake in Italy with a surface area of 128 square km.


Along the lake, several pretty towns boast a host of delightful restaurants with magnificent views across the water. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hop aboard a boat ride across the lake to visit the islands of Isola Minore and Isola Maggiore.


Day Five- Museum of Medieval and Modern Art & Casa Vasari 


Head over to the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art to enjoy a display of ancient paintings, pottery and weapons. While the artefacts inside are something to be admired, the same can be said for the grounds, featuring an attractive courtyard and striking staircase.


Top up your fill of art with an afternoon visit to Casa Vasari. Tourists can wrongly overlook this attraction; the upside being that it will be quieter than some of the main attractions. Inside Giorgio Vasari’s Renaissance home, you are welcomed by luxuriously elaborate interior design, coupled with displays of the artist’s work, as well as letter correspondence from Michelangelo and Pope Pius V.


Day Six- Teatro Petrarca 

Teatro Petrarca.

Nestled next to the Basilica di San Francesco is the 19th-century theatre known as Teatro Petrarca. While the building itself is beautiful, both inside and out, it truly comes alive with a show.


Pick a seat from one of the four levels of semi-private boxes that overlook the stage. From your seat, marvel the grand chandelier hanging from the ceiling before the entertainment begins.


Day Seven- Relaxing in the Villa 


Your week in Arezzo is drawing to a close. Spend your last moments in Italy relaxing in your luxury villa, soaking in the views and chilling by the pool. Reminiscence over your holiday, and if your pained with twinges of sadness, check out the other places you could visit with Quality Villas in the future.


With luxury villas across Italy, France and Croatia, there are plenty of things to do and see with us. If you need some inspiration, why not discover the other seven-day itineraries on our blog?


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