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7 days in antibes

From ancient buildings to stunning boats, Antibes is a wonderful and interesting place to spend a week. Here we show you everything you can experience in seven days!

Day 1 AM – Musee Picasso

Why not immerse yourself in the culture of Antibes the morning of your first day, by visiting the Musée Picasso. This stunning building was built up the Greek town  of Antipolis, and in 1946, it was the home to artist Pablo Picasso for 6 months. It has now been transformed into a museum to honour his work, of which 23 paintings and 44 drawings were donated.
If Picasso isn’t your number one choice for art, other artists are debuted there such as Nicolas de Staël and Hans Hartung, and other 20th Century artists, so there is plenty to marvel at.

Day 1 PM – Fort Carrè

Have a wander around the historic gems of Antibes, beginning with Fort Carrè, an impressive fort built by Henri de Mandon during the 17th Century. It has later been fortified to improve defences and is still in excellent condition. From the fort, there is the perfect view overlooking the harbour, saturated with luxury yachts.

A picture of a statue and the sea in Antibes

Day 2 AM – Time to Hit the Beach

Antibes is surrounded by exquisite beaches, and what better for a relaxed day on day two. Côte d’Azur is renowned for its pebble beaches, so you might be surprised to learn to that the beaches around Antibes are filled with flowing, golden sands. See in the day on the sand, encircled by the bluest of waters.

Day 2 PM – Garoupe Lighthouse

After a refreshing morning on the beach, spend the rest of your day ambling around the charming Antibes town. Garoupe lighthouse is charming, standing at 29-metre-high. It’s is well worth a visit.

A picture of a Garoupe Lighthouse in Antibes

Day 3 AM – Aquasplash

The morning is a perfect time to go for a swim, however, why not have a lot more fun! The Aquasplash is the biggest waterpark in the Alps, spanning around 2000 meters!
This water park has everything you could imagine, from a pirate island to 22 slides!

Day 3 PM- Villa Eilenroc

Originally purchased by a rich, Dutch gentleman called Hugh-Hope Loudon, Villa Eilenroc is a stunning building, nestled amongst preserved gardens. It hasn’t been lived in since the end of World War two, but there is still so much life in it. The villa was named by Loudon, simply by spelling his wife’s name, Cornélie, backwards. What is villa paradise without a sea view? You can enjoy that here whilst being shaded by the towering palm trees.

Art sculpture in Antibes

Day 4 AM – Sentier de Tire-Poil

France is home to some of the most beautiful nature walks you could ever have the pleasure of setting foot on, and Sentier de Tire-Poil definitely comes under that category! There are many coastal paths in France that grant free public access to, such as this one, which means there is always a new place to explore.

For Sentier de Tire-Poil, don’t forget to take your swimwear! As there is ample opportunity to take a dip along your walk.

Day 4 PM – Musée d’Archéologie

For a relaxing yet stimulating afternoon, why not surround yourself with some stunning, French architecture. The Bastion Saint-André is definitely a suggestion. It was built in the late 17th Century, and the museum inside is just as impressive. Small and unassuming, this museum still offers a treasure trove of pottery, ships, mosaics, and fascinating every-day objects from centuries ago.

Day 5 AM- River Brague in Valbonne

Sun, sea and sand might be the first things that pop into your mind when you think of a holiday, but what about all the greenery and other outdoors there are to explore? Take a walk down River Brague to immerse yourself amongst the unspoilt nature, surrounded by lush trees whilst following this stunning river down its course.

Day 5 PM –  Antibes Town

Taking the day at a slightly slower pace, this afternoon could see you browse the markets and restaurants of Antibes town. Pick lunch, or dinner, in the heart of the town and explore the markets for treasures to take home.

Day 6 AM – Ile St Marguerite

A day’s excursion might be just the ticket for day six, and Ile-St-Marguerite is a fabulous option. Catch either a ferry or train from Antibes, a journey which takes around 45 minutes to one hour, depending on what mode of transport you choose. Ile Sainte Marguerite is well known as once the home to the “Man in the Iron Mask”, who was a prisoner during the time Louis XIV, the king of France ruled. Amongst the island, you can expect to find an abundance of fresh pine trees and intricate walking trails.

Day 6 PM – Ile St Marguerite

Since Ile St Marguerite is a small travel away, we recommend settling in for the whole day here, not only that, but there are is so much to just enjoy on the island, from the old buildings to the boats. Settle down in one of the intricate restaurants for a real French treat, or even bring a packed picnic with you.

A picnic on the beach with boats in the background

Day 7 AM – Chapelle de la Garoupe

Take the final day at a restful pace, and enjoy Chapelle de la Garoupe, a stunning chapel. The hustle and bustle are far away from this spot, making it a tranquil and enchanting experience. The chapel itself is dedicated to mariners and has an incredible view out to sea, it’s close to Garoupe Lighthouse, and is definitely worth a second trip up to soak in the views before you leave. 

Day 7 PM –  Port Vauban

Spend afternoon to evening drinking in the sunset for a peaceful indulgence on the last night. Overlooking Port Vauban you will see many super yachts and the like, so if looking at boats is something you enjoy, this is a lovely place to finish your holiday on.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our seven-day guide to Antibes and enjoy everything they have to offer. If you’re thinking of making the trip, why not have a look at our luxury villas in the French Riviera?
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