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7 days in provence

Renowned for its
purple lavender fields, olive groves and empty sun-swept corridors between
picturesque buildings, Provence is a region full of romance which rewards its
travellers with its breath-taking vista, delicious cuisine and small-town tranquility.
We believe this is why it has become such a popular destination for those
looking for a true taste of France. Because there is so much to see and do
throughout Provence, we have created this 7-day itinerary list for those of you
who are heading there this year and staying in one of our luxury villas in Provence

Day 1: Arrival

The first day of
any holiday is spent getting to know your villa and unpacking your belongings,
and depending on what time you arrive, you may want to explore the local area
and get acquainted with any local amenities. Pick up the essentials (including
a bottle of champagne) and really take in your surroundings. After you have taken
some pictures and headed back to your villa either prepare for dinner or get
dressed up and visit a local restaurant for an evening filled with delicious
food and glorious wine. 

Day 2: The Palais
des Papes (Pope’s Palace) in Avignon 

The Palace of the
Popes which is located in Avignon stands high above the town and is a wonderful
mass of towers and high walls, coloured in a deep orange and glow in the
Mediterranean sun. Once the heart of Christendom, Avignon is elevated to the top
position by Pope Clement V who moved the Papacy here in 1309 at the invitation
of the French King.

The town itself
is incredibly captivating and is great for a day of exploring, especially with
an abundance of restaurants and waterside cafes. 

is a medieval village which is home to the renowned Château des Papes. Built in
1317, it looks out over the rolling hillsides and lavender fields. However, the
village’s main claim to fame is the wine which shares the same name. We
recommend visiting the Brottle Wine Museum where you can learn about the Rhone
valley. Its wines and the winegrowing profession, and of course having a fun
and free tasting session.

Day 3: The Roman
City of Nimes 

Nimes is located
on the border of Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon, and is a Roman city and
still has some impressive remains. Start your day at the beautifully preserved
Les Arenes, the first-century Roman arena. Two storeys of tiered seats housed
up to a crowd of 20,000 who came to watch the gladiator’s fight and chariots
race. Whilst in Nimes we suggest also seeing the Maison Carrée, which is a
temple built in the 5th century and is subsequently used by Napoleon
as a model for the Madeleine church in Paris.

Day 4: The
Perched Village of Gordes

This perched
village are one of the most enduring sights of Provence. Located high on a
rocky crag, it looks out over the surrounding countryside. Originally built
around the local medieval castle, the village once defended a valley or hill
from the enemy. They have defensive walls and often just one entrance or
gateway. There are a number of these ‘perched villages’ throughout Provence. We
suggest hiring a car and exploring the rest of the Luberon and stopping off in Pertuis
for a bite to eat.

Day 5: The
Mercantour National Park and the Vallee des Merveilles

This huge
mountain park is in the east near the Italian border, and is one of France’s
greatest wildlife habitats, with chamois, ibex, golden eagles and birds of
prey, hoopoes, ptarmigan and many more species. One of the best walks through
this park is the Valley of Marvels, which has some extraordinary rock
engravings from the Bronze Age. We suggest having guided tour by an experienced
guide to make the most of your experience. 

Day 6: Lake of

This spectacular
manmade lake is the largest of the Verdon lakes. The emerald-green water of the
stunning stretch of water is edged with a relaxing beach which is great for
swimming and other water activities like windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking,
catamaraning, and pedalo boating.

This is the perfect way to end your last days
holiday, by simply relaxing in the sun.

If you are
looking for a bite to eat, head to Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon as there are plenty
of places to eat.

Day 7: Departure

On your day of
departure, make sure you pack up all your belongings and then spend the rest of
the time you have left enjoying your lovely villa.

Provence is a
large region in France, and there is plenty to see and do. Just use our
itinerary as a little bit of inspiration, and let us know how you get on! 

Image credits: aurelianshogun angel, momo, Aliosha Bielenberg  and Yann Cœuru under Creative

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