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7 of the best souvenirs from italy

No holiday to Italy is complete without bringing back a few little reminders of your fantastic time away, be it for family, friends or yourself! We’ve come up with a list of just seven of our favourite quintessentially Italian gifts for you to check out, encompassing the majority of Italy’s finest produce. Read on to get more of an idea of what’s available to buy in this beautiful country.


Italian designers are renowned for the quality of shoes sold in the country and this is, in part, thanks to the wide availability of luxury leather. Despite the high-quality nature of the material, the price-tag remains relatively low, making your Italian escape a great chance to kit yourself out with some new formal shoes. Italians, by law, are required to have two sales per year and these traditionally take place during July and January, so anyone visiting during those months are even more likely to pick up a heeled bargain! 


Usually made in Southern Italy on the Amalfi Coast, Italian Limoncello is a sweet, indulgent treat, known as a digestivi, for after your meal. Both Italians and visitors alike swear by the medicinal properties such a beverage has after a full meal, although actual scientific proof is yet to be revealed. Serve cold after a meal or jump on more recent trends of mixing with champagne or tonic water and take the tradition home with you to try out with family and friends. The bright yellow liquid makes for a fantastic gift for adult friends but be sure to wrap it carefully in your bag to avoid a limoncello-soaked bag circling the luggage carousel.

Limoncello from Italy

Olive Oil

The Italians are renowned for their love of olive oil and it is a staple in the Mediterranean diet. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine Italian cuisine without the presence of the golden liquid. Fakes are available all over the world, but cheap alternatives are not likely to carry the same health benefits of truly authentic extra virgin olive oil. It is easy to identify an olive oil from Italy because it should have a slight “bite” to it caused by a molecule called “olecanthal”. Working as an anti-inflammatory, it is thought to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s, thrombosis, stroke, heart attack and is said to prevent various types of cancer. Bring a taste of Italy home and entertain your family and friends with some of the finest oil in the world.

Olive oil from Italy


Italy is home to some of the most picturesque scenes in Europe and beyond, making postcards of these beauty spots an understated yet fabulous keepsake for yourselves or family and friends. The more creative travellers may wish to create a scrap book to remember their stay in our holiday villas in Italy or if a trip to an art gallery has inspired you then frame them to make your very own gallery wall. Postcards are thin, easy to pack and won’t take up much room, allowing you to avoid any burst zips or wrestles with your suitcase at the check-in counter. That said, store them in books/magazines to prevent bending or any other damage during transit.


An obvious purchase from anyone visiting the land of pasta is, well, pasta, but it doesn’t have to be the swanky, home-made, difficult-to-transport type you are imagining. Even the most basic range of Fuseli at Italian supermarkets is superior to what is sold everywhere else and the quality of taste will be noticeably different. Pasta is difficult to damage, making it easy to take home for others to enjoy. Check out market stalls and independent shops for a truly authentic, traditional take on an array of different kinds of pasta.

Pasta from Italy


Perhaps in homage to the rich architectural, artistic links that Italy has experienced over the years, you’ll be hard pressed to find a town, city or village that doesn’t have some fine-looking porcelain for sale. Beautiful, colourful coffee mugs, plates, platters, wine stoppers, dolls, goblets, ornaments and many more items line the streets, all of which make for a unique souvenir for someone at home or a lovely addition to your own house that serves to remind you of your trip to Italy. Taking this home can be slightly more complicated depending on your mode of transportation, but it might be worth spending an extra few euros for them to package and protect your item to avoid any cracks and smashes.


Due to the smelly, perishable nature of cheese, it may not spring to mind as a great thing to bring home from your holidays in Italy, despite the delicious taste you have experienced of culinary delights whilst in the country. However, vacuum seal technology has given cheese-lovers from far and wide a reason to celebrate, as it provides an easy, safe way for you to bring your favourite Italian cheeses home. Each town and region will have their own speciality and there are over 450 varieties of cheese made in Italy, so be sure to do your research and taste a few along your travels before you decide. The decision will soon sway from whether or not to buy cheese to trying to narrow down out of the plethora of cheeses available, which is your favourite!

Cheese from Italy

That concludes our list of seven souvenirs to buy during your Italian escape. We hope it has inspired you to check out something new and provided a list of possible presents for envious family and friends who are awaiting your return. For more inspiration, check out Tips for an Authentic Holiday to Italy for more advice on how to make the most of your time there. If you’d like to make 2019 the year you finally make a visit to Italy, don’t hesitate to browse our selection of luxurious villas all over the beautiful country, or contact a member of our passionate team who will be more than happy to listen to your requirements and make suggestions on a villa that’s right for you.

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