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8 reasons to stay in luxury accommodation

When the time comes to book our
next holiday, we always run into the first hurdle; do I pick a hotel or a
villa? Traditionally, hotels were always the answer, but with travellers increasingly
seeking the luxury life for less, villas are becoming a more popular choice.
For those wanting to experience a relaxing getaway, or families fed-up of jam-packed
hotel pools, picking luxury accommodation can provide a new and exciting, yet
stress-free holiday experience. We give you eight reasons why you should be
staying in luxury accommodation on your next holiday!



When we go on holiday, we want a
getaway, a chance to take a break from the business of real life. But how can
you possibly relax properly when you are sharing your holiday experience with strangers
and strict reception times. Staying in a villa can solve all of these problems,
putting everything on your terms. No early wake-ups from other guests trying to
nab a spot by the pool, or overeager housemaids trying to tidy up before
breakfast. The foremost reason for choosing luxury accommodation, such as a
villa, for your holiday is this privacy afforded to you, letting you relax with
only your family. If you want to seek some solitude and unwind in a peaceful,
quiet location, then selecting a villa over a hotel is the clear choice. High
levels of security come from these private estates or communities, giving you an
extra boost of privacy, and peace of mind.



Make this the holiday of your
dreams by personalising the experience to fit your families needs. Cosy or
chic, there’s something to suit every style. Whether you’re into fitness or
fun, the perfect villa is out there waiting for you. Pools, tennis courts and gyms
can be found in many properties, for those interested in wellness, and
entertainment facilities and DVDs are available for those wanting to curl up at
the end of a busy day. You can get all of the features and facilities that you
want and need to really make your stay something special. Each villa provides a
unique experience, just be sure to make the most of the facilities on offer.


Everything Is Organised For You

From the moment you’ve booked your
holiday and chosen the extra features you fancy for the trip, the only thing
you need to worry about will be which pairs of shoes to pack. Everything will
be arranged and organised to suit your specific needs and standards. Menus can
be formed to fit around dietary requirements, or groceries can be ready and
waiting for you if you’d prefer to cook up a storm yourself. If you have
queries or need advice before, or during, your stay, there will always be
someone to answer and ease your mind.


Competitive Pricing

Perhaps the biggest misconception
within the holiday industry is that hotels will be cheaper than villas. When
staying in a hotel, you end up paying for extras that you may not have
accounted for during your initial booking, leaving you paying extortionate
amounts for food, drink and other amenities. With villas, the price you pay
will include all of the facilities and services that you desire. Not only this,
but villas provide a far superior quality of service, making the price much
more worthwhile. Unless you splashed some serious cash on a hotel room, it’s
unlikely to match up to the size standards of a villa alone.


Ideal for many types of holiday

Villas are the ideal location for
many types of holiday; whether you’re looking for two or ten people, there are
properties tailored to all of your needs. The privacy that comes with luxury
accommodation makes them perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway. With
the chef service included in some properties, villas are also ideal for big
family gatherings, such as big birthday parties or weddings. Going on a trip
with friends or family? Getting neighbouring villas can be great for if you
want to spend time together but are looking for a little more privacy at the
end of the day.


Family Friendly Guaranteed

You never know how your little ones
will be welcomed at a hotel, or if they will be equipped well enough for the
kids to make your trip stress-free. With family friendly
Nice villas
, you won’t have to take up your luggage allowance with baby
equipment, as everything will be prepared for you. If your children are picky
eaters, menus can be adapted accordingly, or the fully outfitted kitchens can
be used to whip up their favourite snacks. Toys, games and TV provide many
options that will keep the kids entertained. Booking your holiday through a
luxury provider, such as Quality Villas, also ensures that the properties are
fully checked regularly, guaranteeing that they are safe and suitable for your


More Space to Feel at Home

You never know quite what you’re
going to get when you turn up to a hotel; you booked for four people, but you
end up with a double bed, a camp bed and a sofa. At Quality Villas, when we say
four people, we mean four proper, comfortable and luxurious sleeping spaces. Hotel
rooms can sometimes be no more than a place to sleep while you take in the
sights of a city visit, but with a villa, your accommodation becomes part of
the experience. With ample living space and bathrooms for the number of people
staying, plus the added bonus of an outdoor area that’s all yours, you’ll want
to stay forever. Like a home away from home, but with none of the
responsibilities, you’ll be able to kick back and relax properly.


Customer Service

Sometimes trying to find the
perfect deal for your travel party can be tricky, but choosing luxury
accommodation provides an easy booking experience. Not quite sure what you’re
after? We can help you narrow down the amazing choices available, and give you
our top recommendations based on the facilities and services that you want
during your stay. Finding your perfect villa can be a totally stress-free experience.


If you decide to choose a villa
over a hotel for your next holiday, be sure to check out Quality Villas for the
best deals. 

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