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9 reasons to take a cooking class on holiday

Cuisine plays a vital role in any trip away and while the allure of sun, sand and sea is undeniable, the excitement of browsing the culinary delights of various menus is without a doubt a holiday highlight. Whether you’re deciding on which authentic Italian pizza to devour or you’re braving the frog’s legs on offer in France, sampling traditional, tasty foods that the region is renowned for is a big part of your vacation – but why stop there? Most countries will offer cooking classes for novices wishing to try their hand at local dishes and teach you invaluable skills in the kitchen that you can take home and continue to enjoy for years to come. Here at Quality Villas, we’ve come up with just nine of the various reasons you should take a cooking class during your holiday in 2019.

Cooking classes in action

You’ll Get to Prepare, Cook and Sample Some of the Finest Dishes in the Region

Aside from the general cuisines that are associated with each country, many destinations will have regional dishes that are based on the availability of ingredients in the local area. Taking a cooking class is one of the best ways to learn about how locals use their immediate environment to grow fresh ingredients and use these in their meals for maximum efficiency. It may open your eyes to dishes that you might not have tried otherwise and will learn from those who know best so that you can recreate these meals at home.

You’re Encouraged to Try Something New

We’re all guilty of sticking to our comfort zone, even whilst on holiday, opting for familiar items on the menu as opposed to trying something new. A cooking class will ensure you open your eyes to a whole range of delightful dishes and force you to try new things and ingredients you may not have chosen from a menu.

Cooking classes in action

You Can Make the Most of Your Instructors Local Knowledge

Some questions even Google can’t answer, so make the most of this unlimited access to a local expert and ask questions about the history, taste, and texture of the dishes you are making. He or she will also be able to recommend the best restaurants and cafes nearby, making sure you visit only the finest eateries for the rest of your holiday!

You’ll Learn from the Best

Watch on with admiration as you see talented, respected chefs prepare the food in demonstrations that will make you feel like you’re in the live audience of Saturday Morning Kitchen. There’s something undeniably therapeutic about watching a professional at work and chances are you’ll pick up neat tricks and techniques that are transferrable across food preparation.

Cooking classes in action

It’s Sociable and a Great Chance to Meet New Friends

Whether you’re a solo traveller, on a couples’ break or away with the family, there will be plenty of time during your class to chat to others. You’ll be able to share holiday stories and advice on where to go next, and you might even make some great friends who make for fabulous dinner guests for the rest of your trip. Learning together and helping each other will really help you to get to know your classmates and most offer the chance for a joint dinner to enjoy your culinary creations at the end.  Alternatively, if you’re on holiday as part of a big group, it’s a great way to try something new and spend some quality time together.

Save Yourself from Chores on Holiday

One of the best things about going on holiday is the distinct lack of chores and responsibilities, including doing the dishes. Most cooking classes will take care of the cleaning up element of cooking and eating, leaving more time for you to focus on the fun aspects of preparing food.

Cooking classes in action

You Get to Indulge in Plenty of Dishes

As a general rule, cooking classes consist of making multiple dishes and sharing them with others enrolled in the course. Whether you’re just there for a few hours or you have several days of learning how to make the local specialities, most courses ensure there’s enough food to go around and then some, meaning there’s lots of leftovers. This allows you to try things you suspect you may not like, without wasting an entire dish as you would at a restaurant.

It’s an Enjoyable Experience You’ll Remember for Years to Come

Unless you’re enrolling in a high-pressure, Master Chef-esque course in a Michelin-star restaurant, chances are there’s a relaxed environment where everyone wants to have fun. There’s no judgement for those who have little experience in the kitchen, and you might even discover a new passion for cooking. The skill of cooking is one of the best souvenirs you’ll return home from the holiday with and the recipes can be shared for years to come.

Cooking classes in action

It’s Something Different!

While the tourist hotspots are a must, there’s definitely appeal to trying something different and perhaps even off the beaten track. For example, those staying in our luxury holiday villas in the French Riviera can escape the bustling cities of Nice and Marseille and head to a charming seaside town for an authentic take on French cuisine. Check out our recent blog post, Five Dishes You Have to Try in the South of France.

That concludes our list of the many reasons to take a cooking class during your next holiday. We hope you have found it useful and perhaps have even been inspired to check out the cooking classes available near your holiday villas. If you have any questions about booking one of our luxury abodes or would like to talk to someone about your preferences, don’t hesitate to contact a dedicated member of the Quality Villas team who would be more than happy to help.

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