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a guide to the best winter walks in brittany

The vast, varying landscape of Brittany makes it the perfect location for those who are avid walkers to enjoy. With many different terrains on offer, and with breathtaking sights out over the French region, it is easy to see why the magic of Brittany makes it the perfect location to visit on a walking holiday.

During the winter months, the stunning northwestern region is often overlooked, with tourists opting to holiday away from the hilly peninsula. However, the area, known for its striking coastline and rich history, has much more to offer than meets the eye.

As the temperature begins to drop, you might be lusting after a last-minute getaway with your loved ones. Here at Quality Villas, we have a wide range of holiday villas in Brittany that is perfect for you to escape too, especially after a long day trekking over the countryside.

Below, we have included a few of our favourite walks that you should try when visiting the beautiful region. So, whether you’re a keen rambler or just starting out, there is something that you’re bound to enjoy!


Pointe du Raz, Pointe du Van and the Baie des Trépassés

This average ability walk takes you along some of the most famous points in the western France landscape. Starting at Pointe du Van, a promontory that extends into the Atlantic, follow the path in a western direction towards the Chapelle Saint-They. Once on the GR34 coastal path, you’ll journey across the falling landscape taking in the breathtaking sights out over the sea. Get up-close-and-personal with the jagged coastline at Pointe de Raz, where the coastal point and rugged cliffs are battered by the crashing waves, following the trail along the shore before dropping into a small valley.

After arriving at the hamlet of Kerhuon, begin to follow yellow markers that will guide you on the rest of your journey. The Baie des Trépassés, or Bay of the Dead, is at the end of your walk, where you can enjoy a pit-stop on the wonderfully sandy beach. The area is popular with surfers thanks to its unspoilt shores, which make it a fantastic location for you to explore.

This walk is one of the most picturesque in Brittany, so make sure to take a camera to snap your hike through along the coastal path. If you’re looking for a challenge, then consider increasing the length of your journey, as the GR34 trail is composed of over 1,800km of path!


Mont Saint-Michel trails

The trail of Mont Saint-Michel is one of the favourites amongst pilgrims, who have flocked for centuries to navigate the dense network of routes called the “Chemins Montais”. Along with Rome, Jerusalem and Saint-Jacques, it was one of the largest pilgrimage shrines of medieval Christianity. Founded by Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, the paths of Cherbourg stretch for 202km and are split into nine stages.

When on the walk, there is an extensive number of guided tours available with different levels of involvement from your guide. In addition to this, there are also a number of walks that you can partake in with a commentary which provides you with information about the historical influence that the paths have had in Christianity.

The Baie de Mont Saint-Michel offers some of the most unforgettable walks and is ever-changing over the course of the year. Some parts of the hike are only recommended to be visited with a guide due to their Cliffside location, so bear this in mind when planning to undertake this trek.


Circuit des passerelles, Collorec

The gateway circuit trail in Collorec is ideal for beginners or those who are planning a family walk. The 7.5km circular route features a series of wooden footpaths that take you on a journey through the gorgeous Brittany countryside. The perfect place to meander through the lush greenery for an afternoon, you can enjoy views of the Ellez as it rushes underfoot.


Are there any walks in Brittany that you have enjoyed but we have missed? If so, we would love to hear about them, so reach out to us on our social channels to let us know! If you’re planning a visit to Brittany but are after some information, then check out our blog here to find out more!

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