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alternative ways to welcome in the new year

New Year’s parties and events in bars and clubs are
certainly not for everyone. Entrance fees and drinks prices are bumped up to
the max, and the massive crowds of revellers can prove a little overwhelming
for those who typically prefer a low-key affair. While many do enjoy this night
of excitement out on the town, what do you do if you want to avoid the masses
and celebrate with a couple of close friends? With this in mind, we present you
with our five favourite alternative New Years celebration ideas for a more relaxed


Have A Board Games

Playing board games can be a great way to bring together
friends from different parts of your life. As they are a way to socially
interact without much personal conversation, they are excellent as an
icebreaker between guests who may not have met before. Charades or Pictionary
are great ways to get things started, and can easily pass many hours with fun
and silliness.


Playing games is a great way to accommodate
multi-generational guests, although you can also tailor your party to be more suited
to adults-only by choosing more card-based games. However, New Years can be a
great excuse to revert to childish ways and spend the evening playing classics
like Buckaroo or Monopoly. If you don’t have any games to hand, take a trip to
a local charity shop and pick up some Hungry Hungry Hippos! Whatever games you
fancy playing are bound to go down well; although maybe avoid Twister if they
don’t know each other too well yet!


Get Ahead of Your
Resolutions Plans

A big part of the New Year is all about picking out your
resolutions for the year ahead. Why not get a head start and get planning! Make
the task into a fun experience, and invite friends round to work together,
choosing five things to focus on in 2018 over wine and nibbles. Having friends
over to chat to about all of your goals can really help to focus your mind on
what you want to achieve. It may even help you to stick to them!


Have A Bake-Off

You can play this however you want to; either with friends
bringing over cakes they’ve made at home for you to all judge which is the
best, or you spend the evening baking with your buddies. Either way, there is
cake to be had by all so what more could you want! This is also a great
kid-friendly option for those with families who want to celebrate together, or
for those who would rather have a sugar buzz than get too carried away with the
alcohol. Of course, it doesn’t have to be cake, if you prefer the savoury to
the sweet. You can try a more traditional potluck party, where each guest
brings a dish of their own choice.


Go Stargazing

Whether this is a full-blown camping trip or a quick hike up
a nearby hill; wrapping up warm and relaxing under the stars can be an
incredible way to welcome in the New Year. Plus, you’ll be ready and waiting
when those midnight fireworks start off; and you’ll already have a prime spot
with a great view!


Go on Holiday

It’s quite likely that most of your New Years have gone
along the same lines year after year; either hitting the town or staying in at
home. Why not switch it up completely this year and take a vacation to
somewhere new and exciting, like the new year ahead! From French Christmas villa
spent with the family to relaxing lake-side Italian getaways, Quality Villas have the dream holiday
waiting for whatever you’re looking for. Getting away for the New Year can be
an ideal way to de-stress from the past year and lets you celebrate the new beginnings
in style!


What are your plans for New Year’s Eve this year? Let us know
where you’ll be heading on social media!

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