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towns and villages on the amalfi coast

An undeniably beautiful stretch of land, the Amalfi Coast is one of the best holiday destinations out there! With its azure waters, towering white cliffs, pleasant temperatures and first-class food and drink, it’s no wonder visitors return year after year to soak up the sun and opulence while admiring those stunning panoramic views.


Whether you’re spending a week on the Amalfi coast, or you’re there for a flying visit, take some time out of your holiday to explore the local towns and villages which line the world-famed shoreline, a must for your holiday itinerary, below we’ve listed just a handful of our favourites.


Vietri Sul Mare

This coastal gem is better known for the stunning porcelains produced by the locals and its often referred to as the ‘Ceramic capital of the south’. A skill that has been passed down for centuries, the town is adorned with exquisite pieces, bringing colour to the whitewashed walls and cobbled streets. Artisan shops are in abundance, each selling the elegant handmade pieces, from tiles and tableware, to holy water fonts and murals, the multi-coloured wares are stunning and its evident that the surrounding landscape has influenced many of the artists.A person making ceramics in Vietri Sul Mare.



The rusticity of Maiori is simply charming, and in comparison, to the refined and lavish coastal cousins, it offers an authentic Italian experience. The streets are lined with homes, you’ll find locals chatting and enjoying coffees and the shops will be closed for siestas. As you explore the town, one of the main landmarks will be difficult to miss, the Castle of San Nicola de Thoro-Plano.



Just a 10-minute drive from Maiori, the neighbouring town of Minori is a local’s hot spot and where many Italians choose to spend their holiday. Pasta lovers may have already heard of it, as the town gained worldwide fame during the 18th-century for the delicious fresh pasta to be made there, with the speciality being Scialatielli. Still to this day, visitors flock to the town to sample some of the authentic dishes to be lovingly made and served in the traditional Italian restaurants.Scialatielli, Italian pasta.


Tramonti is set slightly inland from the coast but is a still a notable destination to visit. The settlement consists of a collection of small villages and historic farms which are encompassed by a stunning mountain range. Better known for its wine rather than its rich history and jaw-dropping sights, there are plenty of vineyards to explore and drinks to sample!

Image credit: Antonio Salsano

The valley of Tramonti.


Like many of the seaside settlements along the Amalfi Coast, Atrani has narrow lanes and steep alleys, lined with stunning, white-washed houses. Located directly next to the town of Amalfi and at a walkable distance, it is a haven for those looking to escape the crowds for a while.
The coastal village of Atrani, on the Amalfi Coast.



A town laced through the mountains and famed for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, Amalfi is one of the most popular towns along this renowned stretch of coast. Historically famed for the high-quality paper to be made here, you can visit the Paper Museum, while a walk further up the valley takes you to the mills which transported the water to the workshops. Many of the shops sell handmade paper, along with Limoncello di Amalfi, a delicacy of the area. Amalfi Square, Italy.


Unique when compared to the seaside settlements of the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is located high in the mountaintops. Its elevated position means it boasts some of the finest panoramic views there are! Founded in the 5th century as a sanctuary from invaders, the humble beginnings of the town indicate little of what it is like now, being one of the most lavish along the coast, it is frequented often by those living a luxurious lifestyle. It is well-known for its pristine gardens and has been named as the ‘City of Music’ as it plays hosts to one of Italy’s finest events.The mountaintop settlement of Ravello, Italy.



A quaint fishing village, which throughout years of tourism to the area has retained a charismatic and traditional atmosphere. With shops, eateries and coffee shops, it has everything you might need for a week’s break, but, the highlight of the town is that it is one of few places along the Amalfi Coast where you can enjoy the sun’s rays until it sets! A noticeable landmark of this stretch of coast can be found just a 15-minute drive away from the town, the Fiordo di Furore, a bridge spanning the deep and beautiful ford.

Image credit: jrthibault

Fiordo di Furore near Praiano.


A place where you’re likely to take a boat trip just to see the jaw-dropping magnificence of the town and the surrounding landscape in its entirety, Positano is an iconic settlement along the Amalfi Coast. With multicoloured buildings, in varying shades of orange, pinks, whites and yellows, all encompassed by the dizzyingly steep mountain and valleys, it is nothing but beautiful.
Positano, a town along the Amalfi Coast.

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