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arles easter feria

There’s many ways to kick off the Easter celebrations in
France, but one of the most interesting is the Easter Feria, which is taking
place in Arles from March 25th-29th.

The festival marks the start of the bullfighting season in
the south of France, attracting crowds of over half a million people across the
four days, with 50,000 of these alone assisting with the exhilarating
bullfights which take place at the Arles Amphitheatre.

Though bullfighting is typically associated with the
Spanish, the sport has also been going on in the south of France for many
years. This is the first feria to take place in Arles this year, with another
following in mid-September.

Alongside the bullfights, there are plenty of other ways the
people of Provence celebrate the return of the bulls. Arles continues to
embrace Spanish culture with guitar music, flamenco dancing, moving orchestras
known as peñas and plenty of other parties, all enjoyed out on the streets of
the city. Thousands gather for exciting concerts and parades, where the day’s
best matadors are honoured with roses.

If you’re looking for a different way to spend your Easter
holiday, experiencing these centuries-old traditions in the heart of Provence
may be what you’re looking for. Round off your visit with a stay in a luxury
gite – France
is home to many of Quality Villas’ best properties, and we
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Image: Jean-Francois
Le Falher
, available under GNU License

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