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french chocolates

Alongside the delectable selection of classic French dishes
on offer, France is also world-famous for its chocolates. It makes some of the
finest chocolates in the world, so it’s the perfect sweet treat or souvenir to
take home from a stay at our luxury villas in France.

Though most of the artisanal chocolate shops are located in
Paris, you’ll also find some fine chocolatiers in several cities throughout
France. In these stores, you’ll find that chocolate can be an art form; these
chocolates not only taste divine but also look stunning.

You’ll be completely spoilt for choice when you step through
the doors of one of these confectioners, offering everything from intricate
individual chocolates to flavour-packed bars sure to satisfy your chocolate
craving. One of the most popular products is the bonbon de chocolate, a
bite-sized chocolate filled with ganache, caramel, praline or fruit. Other
specialties include orangettes (candied citrus peel dipped in chocolate),
chocolate covered marshmallows and mendicants (discs of chocolate topped with
nuts and dried fruits). Chocolate bars are known as tablettes de chocolat, and
also come in many diverse varieties. They can vary by cacao percentage, origin,
flavour and filling.

At certain times of year you’ll also see a dazzling display
of confectionery treats celebrating all kinds of occasions. These range from
chocolate bunnies for Easter to heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s and
specially made snowmen perfect for Christmas presents. Some artisans specialise
in creating dazzling structures for chocolate, and these can be seen in the
truly amazing chocolate sculptures you may be lucky to come across in a shop

If you’re after something else to satisfy your sweet-tooth,
fortunately French artisanal confectioners don’t only specialise in chocolates,
but also sell a variety of other handmade sweets. These include caramels
flavoured with various ingredients, marron glaces (candied chestnuts) and pates
des fruits (sugar-dusted fruit jellies).

Image: Remy Gardette, available under Creative Commons

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