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beaucaire fair

Held during the last week of July, the Beaucaire Medieval
Fair dates back many hundreds of years to 1217, and today remains one of the
major events on the town’s calendar, close to several of our luxury villas.
at this time of year is a great place to discover some truly special
local events.

Lasting ten days, the extravaganza first came about when
Beaucaire was first granted permission to host an annual trade fair by the
Count of Toulouse, following a famous victory against the forces of Simon de
Montfort, who invaded the town. It quickly became one of the most famous and
visited fairs in the whole of the South of France, attracting more than 300,000
visitors at its peak.

Between the 13th and 19th centuries,
the fair was at its liveliest, as it was once a prominent river port, bringing
several different kinds of goods to the town by boat. As the 19th
century saw railways become more and more popular, Beaucaire’s port trade
declined, meaning that the event today remains purely a local affair. Despite
it being a smaller event than before, it still offers an authentic slice of
France with a showcase of tradition and local products.

During the fair, there’s plenty of music, dancing and
stalls, which sell leather goods especially, as well as a fairground. Behind
the fairground, you’ll find the town’s ruined castle, where you can climb up to
and enjoy views out onto the fair, the Rhône and the surrounding countryside.
If you’re not around to experience the fair, the town’s Musée Auguste Jacquet
has an impressive exhibition telling visitors all about the history of the
Beaucaire Fair.

Image: GK
, available under Creative Commons

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