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5 beautiful beaches in dubrovnik

Croatia’s Dubrovnik offers visitors awe-inspiring landscapes, from the wonder of its old towns to the views over the glistening Adriatic Sea. While the lure of its history is what draws some people to vacation here, it is perhaps the scattering of beaches that cement the deal.


Dubrovnik’s beaches are like nothing else, and that is why they are so popular with tourists and locals alike. With their understated beauty, gorgeous sands and distinctive charm, you’ll want to spend every day of your holiday at the beach.


Some offer holidaymakers a host of cafés and bars along their borders, while others are undisturbed spots that make you feel like you’re the first people to discover them. Quite simply– there’s a beach to suit every preference.


Below we list some of the most beautiful beaches to visit on your holiday to this Croatian gem:



View of Banje beach, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Banje will always appear at the top of any feature about Dubrovnik’s beaches; as the city’s main beach, Banje is the go-to destination for holiday-makers, including the likes of famous and wealthy travellers. The beach is pebbly, but if the tide is out, it reveals a sandy strip where the children can make sand castles.


The beach is easily accessible after a day of sightseeing, with its location just a short stroll from the Ploče Gate. Please note, you’ll need to descend a flight of stairs down to the beach, so it is not ideal for those with reduced mobility.

You can spend the whole day here if you please, with on-site showers and public toilets available. At lunchtime, make your way to the seaside restaurant or café where not only can you try some local cuisine but rest for half an hour in a shaded, cool spot from the scorching sun.


While away the hours with the jet skis and inflatable water sport hires, or pay for a sun-lounger or deckchair for the day and watch the kids splash around in the turquoise shallows. Be aware that as the number one tourist beach, prices can be steep for anything you hire here. However, it would all be worth it when you relax and enjoy the beauty all around you at this cherished Croatian spot.


Sveti Jakov


If you’re looking for a beach that the locals love, take a peaceful, one-mile stroll along the tree-framed Vlaha Bukovca to reach Sveti Jakov. Alternatively, you can hop on the No.5 or 8 bus from the Old Town to reach this treasured, horse-shoe beach; it is just downhill from the last stop on the line, just past the quaint St Jakov church perched on the cliffside.


Wander down the stairway to reach the part shingle, part pebble bay, set amongst staggered rockfaces. Find the perfect spot to sunbathe on the beach; there will be plenty to choose from as this beach is rarely busy despite its beloved status in the local community.


Relax and unwind, let your mind clear while staring at the crystal waters; the view is truly catalogue-worthy. It’s no surprise then that spending the whole day here is easily done, especially as it remains warm until late into the evening. You won’t even realise the day passing you by, but stay, you’ll be rewarded with the most wonderful sunset if you do.

You can find everything you’ll need here with showers, sun shades, water sport hires, volleyball court and even a bar and restaurant to enjoy a tipple or two. (Go on– you’re on holiday after all!). Just don’t drink too much, as it’s a bit of a hike back up those stairs again.


Copacabana (Kopakabana)


We’re not quoting the song here, Copacabana is the name of one of Dubrovnik’s beaches. This half-moon pebble and gravel set beach is set within the Seka Bay, situated in the Babin kuk peninsula (accessible by the no.6 bus).


As the name implies, Copacabana is a lot of fun for adrenaline junkies getting to try a host of activities, from parachute boat rides, jet skis and banana rides. Don’t worry, the more leisurely among us are catered for with pedalos. The water may not be as clear here as it is at other beaches, but it sure is a boatful of excitement.


Lapad Bay (Uvala Lapad)

View of Lapad Bay Beach, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

There are many beaches to choose from in the Lapad region of Dubrovnik, and that is what makes it such a popular destination with tourists. Lapad Bay Main Beach is known for its family-friendly status, catering to the needs of families with showers, sun loungers and lifeguards who monitor the water. Just be sure not to wander too far west when exploring, as behind the rocks beside the Niki I Media Pucića promenade is a nudist beach which might give the kids a bit of a shock!


Lapad Bay is the main beach of the Peninsula, conveniently located next to a host of restaurants and coffee bars should you need replenishment. The beach itself is enclosed by lush flora, while many stunning walkways peter off to other small coves located around the bay.


Sunsets are a must-see at Lapad Bay, and that is why you’ll find the beaches are busy way into the evening.


Šulić (Kolorina)


Situated within Kolorina bay, just outside of the town walls, is Šulić beach(pr. shoo-lich). You can also refer to this beach by its nickname ‘Kolorina beach’.


This tiny little cove was fondly named after a local family who would often dip here. Many believe it to be one of the oldest swimming spots in the whole of Dubrovnik, used by the locals throughout the years.


Forget its size, the beach offers the chance you can mingle with the locals who frequent here for a spot of food at one of the two beach bar/cafés located by the water’s edge.


Views are unspoilt with a clear outlook across the sea, with the dominating Lovrjenac tower to the east, sat upon a giant cliff top, and Gradac park to the west. If you want to venture out to see more of the landscape, hire a sea kayak or explore the depths below with your snorkelling gear.


These are just a few of the beautiful beaches around Dubrovnik you can visit when you stay at our Croatia holiday villas. Be sure to explore the city to find your own hidden gems and let us know!


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