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benefits of an airport lounge

Whether you are travelling for work or business, access to an airport lounge can help you enjoy the whole experience. If you are flying to France and staying in one of our holiday villas in Saint Tropez, we would recommend booking into a lounge before your flight. If you have never done it before, this post will help you see the benefits that can make the fuss of flying so much better! What’s better is that you don’t have to be flying first class to book an airport lounge. 
Peace and Quiet
One of the aspects people are attracted to about airport lounges is the peace and quiet they offer. The lounge gives you a chance to get away from the crowds and chaos of the airport. You can get some quiet time and relax before your flight. This is particularly good if you have children who are travelling for the first time. You won’t notice the passing of time either, as you can sit reading newspapers and magazines or catch up on the news or watch entertainment on TV. Check the details of the lounge you book into before arriving at the airport, so you know what to expect and find out where it is so there is no time wasted spent trying to find it. 
We all love free food and drinks, and when you book into an airport lounge, there are complimentary refreshments to dog into. It is a lovely extra and also means you don’t have to wander around looking for a snack before boarding your flight. Each airport lounge is different in what food and drink they offer, with the snacks reflecting the country you are in. The bars offer soft, hot and alcoholic drinks, and some lounges offer hot meals. Remember to check ahead before heading to the airport. 
In addition to the relaxing atmosphere, airport lounges are also a great place to get in some last-minute work due to a range of facilities available. If you have some important emails to get through before your holiday starts, lounges can connect you to WiFi; there is also conference rooms and places to charge your gadgets. This is also handy if you need your iPad on a full charge to entertain the kids on the plane. 
The Extras 
When it comes to finding the lounge that will suit your needs, look for any extras that may come in handy. Lounges are sometimes run by specific airlines, and the staff can help with queries about booking or seating. Flight monitors are also on hand, so there is no need to worry about watching the clock. Many lounges are child-friendly too, and child-friendly entertainment is provided for them. You may also want a lounge that offers showers, spas or hair salons so that you can freshen up before the flight. 
Getting In
If you have a standard ticket, but still want the added luxury of an airport lounge for your holiday, one of the best ways to get access is buying a pass in advance, and to head to independent lounges not connected to a particular airline. These are at a lower price but still include many of the comforts and offers VIP lounges provide. If you have chartered a plane through Smart Aviation, get in touch with them to see what airport lounge offers they may have. 
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