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benefits of september sun

With the summer holidays in full swing, many will be yearning for a well-earned break in the sunshine. But with so much going on, from barbecues and birthdays to picnics and weddings, it can often be difficult to get away during those peak summer months. If you’re too busy for a break in July or August, some September sun could be just what you need! While you may have set your sights on a summer escape earlier in the year, holidaying in September can be beneficial for several reasons, especially for families who are craving some quality time together. Below, we outline just some of the advantages a later break can bring:


Fewer Crowds

With the kids off school, many opt for a summer holiday in either July or August, making these the busiest months of the year for tourism in a variety of popular destinations. As the holidays come to an end, however, September offers the chance for those wanting a more relaxing trip away to avoid the hustle and bustle of busy crowds and enjoy a far less hectic experience. Relish having the beach to yourself or exploring fascinating attractions without having to queue for hours to get in!

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Lower Cost

No matter where you go, holidaying in peak season can be a costly affair, especially if there’s a large group of you. Consequently, waiting until September will enable you to book your break for less, meaning you’ll have more to spend on other activities or luxuries that you wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. Whether you try your hand at an exciting activity, book an adventurous excursion, purchase some special souvenirs or simply opt for more lavish accommodation, having that little extra to spend will undoubtedly enhance your holiday and make it more memorable for the whole family.


Comfortable Temperatures

While the thought of blazing sunshine is always appealing, the novelty of intensely hot weather can quickly wear off, especially if you are holidaying with young children who can become quickly drained in the heat. As such, delaying your holiday by a month or two will allow that sweltering summer heat of July and August to pass, making way for more comfortable temperatures and lessening the risk of sun damage to your skin. Depending on your chosen destination, you may experience a variety of climates; however, no matter where you visit, there is still sure to be ample opportunity to catch some warming rays!

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More Spontaneity

If you usually holiday during peak times, the likelihood is that you’ll have had to plan your trip stringently to ensure you made the most of it and got the full holiday experience. This may have involved booking accommodation, travel, dinner reservations and days out way in advance, which can be costly as well as stressful if you’re trying to please everyone. Opting for a September break will allow you to be far more flexible with your plans, meaning you can enjoy being spontaneous on your holiday rather than spending hours or even days beforehand planning it! Whether it’s a sporadic visit to a high-end restaurant or a day out to a tourist hotspot, an end of season holiday will provide a sense of freedom like no other.


Choice Locations

Being later in the season, many families will have already had their annual summer break, meaning you’ll have far more choice when it comes to choosing the perfect location for your holiday. While you may have been limited to destinations in July or August, there is sure to be more availability in September, meaning you will have the opportunity to visit a range of popular destinations that you may have ruled out earlier in the year.

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If you’re in search of an idyllic destination to enjoy some September sun, why not browse our fantastic range of accommodation here at Quality Villas today? From family pads in the French Riviera to luxury holiday villas in Tuscany, we’re sure to have the perfect place for you and your family to retreat to after a long and busy summer.

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