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the best festivals of cannes

Although Cannes is perhaps best known for its international film festival, there are a number of high profile events and festivals that take place throughout the year that will delight and inspire visitors. The town’s picturesque location in the South of France lends itself perfectly to celebration and spending time with family and friends, after all, how could you be somewhere so beautiful and not be happy? In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the biggest and best events that take place throughout the year and what you can expect from attending.

Cannes Lions

The Cannes Lions festival takes place roughly a month after the film festival, normally mid/late-June and is one of the biggest festivals that the town hosts. The purpose of the Cannes Lions festival is to promote and celebrate creativity within creative, marketing and communications sectors. Representatives from some of the biggest brands around the world attend the event with senior stakeholders and leaders giving inspiring speeches.

Although passes for the event aren’t cheap, the gathering offers some of the best networking opportunities, so it’s important to make the five days count. Typically you can expect over 4,500 different businesses to be represented with over 16,000 people attending.

Cannes Film festival

Cannes Film Festival

For most, the name Cannes will be synonymous with the Film Festival held every year. One of the most revered film gatherings in the world, the festival is a chance for some of the biggest names in film to showcase their upcoming blockbusters. It also presents a fantastic opportunity for up and coming filmmakers to demonstrate what they are capable of, as the festival’s core purpose is to raise the profile of film.

Although the festival is aimed at the filmmakers, actors and other film professionals, there are ways to enjoy the festival even if you don’t have a ticket. Principally, the film screenings held on the beach are a great way to appreciate the festival without a badge. With films shown every evening at 9pm, it’s a beautifully unique experience.

Cannes Yachting festival

Cannes Yachting Festival

The South of France is one of the most glamorous regions of the country, with towns and cities such as Cannes, Nice and Monaco attracting the rich and famous. Perhaps then, it is no surprise that Cannes is home to one of the biggest yachting festivals in Europe. Every September, the town welcomes a large number of native and visitors and their luxury yachts. Visitors will have the chance to experience roughly 600 different vessels with the festival running during the day and long into the night.


Conceived in 1966, the Midem is an annual festival that takes place at the start of June, in between the Lions and Film Festival. Midem is one of the largest B2B events in the music calendar, with people from across the world of music attending to network with influential people and further their career. The event gives opportunities to everyone either pursuing a career in music, or that’s already on that path. Even for people with an interest in music, there’s a reason to attend as there are concerts every day from fantastic artists!

Cannes Fireworks Festival

Pyrotechnic Fireworks Festival

Bringing together the best pyrotechnists from across the globe, the festival takes places during dates in July and August, and is watched by some 200,000 spectators. Gathering along the famous Croisette boardwalk, onlookers are treated to a series of intricately choreographed fireworks displays that are combined with sound to create an experience for all senses. The event is completely free to attend which makes this a must if you visit Cannes during the summer!

International Games Festival

Although there are a number of exhibitors that focus on video games and games consoles, the event is actually more focused on the ancient art of board games. If you want to get hands-on with some of the most exciting upcoming video or board games then this is a great event to attend! A judging panel comprised of both amateurs and industry professionals are responsible for handing out the Golden Ace, a highly sought after trophy in the games world.

Cannes International Dance Festival

International Dance Festival

In keeping with Cannes’ work to promote creative and artistic industries, the International Dance Festival is something that truly belongs to the town. Held every two years, the event is geared more towards the contemporary side of the industry, celebrating the finest choreography from across the globe. Typically taking place in early December, the event is the perfect place to visit for aspiring dancers and choreographers.

As you can see, Cannes offers more than just its film festival, with events perfect for everyone! If you’re thinking of heading to Cannes for a break away, why not check out our luxury holiday villas, French Riviera, for a truly opulent experience?

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