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best photograph locations in italy

When travelling anywhere, we always take pictures to remind us of our trip when we are at home. It doesn’t matter if you are snapping them on your smartphone or DSLR, it has never been easier to capture memories.

Italy is one of the most photogenic countries in the world, as you can take pictures of quaint cobblestoned streets, sparkling waters, churches and medieval towers. The possibilities are endless in Italy, and you are never too far away from the perfect photo opportunity.

Take a look at our list of best places for the perfect snapshot while staying in one of our luxury villas in Italy:  


Tuscany is known for its beautiful views and iconic vineyards hidden within its valleys, and there many beautiful places to see as well as capture. Many of us have seen those picture perfect postcards and wondered why they were taken, or perhaps you have driven around this region and are yet to find those fields of poppies, hills of wheat and yellow sunflowers. 

Poppy fields can be found in Val d’Orcia, which bloom between May and June. While it is called a park, it is more of a protected nature reserve. As such, it is mainly unspoilt by mainstream tourism and the modern world. The poppies start to blossom in the late spring, after the April rain, so serves as the perfect Instagram-worthy photo.

Another popular flower in Tuscany is the sunflower or Girasole. During the summer, almost every flower market is exploding with these beautiful, yellow flowers. You can find these huge sunflower fields while driving along most of the main roads in Tuscany, like the A1. For the perfect photo opportunity, you should take a road which is less travelled, like the SR2. This road is perfect to find lots of fields filled with these beautiful sunflowers.


Florence is renowned for is terracotta rooftops, hidden courtyards and streets alive with historical features. Of course, once the sun sets you are never going to be far away from the perfect photo.

Climbing up to the top of any cathedral guarantees spectacular views across the city, however, the Duomo of Florence goes one step further. At the top, you are barely restricted and have to hold on as you try to tread around the tip of the dome. While you are at the top, your breath will be taken away; it is even better as the sun is setting.

The Piazza Michelangelo overlooks the Florence skyline and can be one of the best locations to photograph the city, especially as the sun sets and there is plenty of room to find a good vantage point even if there are other tourists. You can see panoramic views over the entire city, from Forte Belvedere to Santa Croce to the green hills near Fiesole.

Throughout Florence, there are a number of bridges, the most famous being Ponte Vecchio, which crosses the river Arno. Once it is night time, you will be amazed how the city lights reflect into to the water.

The Campanile, which stands next to the Duomo, looms over the square. This bell tower is incredibly photogenic, with its fantastic architecture which matches the Duomo. You are also able to climb to the top for a great view. However, it is somewhat difficult to photograph, as it is very tall.

These are just a handful of beautiful locations in Italy perfect a photo opportunity. Have you visited any of these places? Share your pictures with us on our social media platforms.  

Image credits: Massimo Valiani, Antonio Cinotti, Artur Staszewski, Omid Tavallai, Mikel and Shawn Harquail under Creative Commons

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