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Thriving with colour, culture and life, Marrakesh is a
dazzling city and one of Morocco?s best destinations, its main attraction being
its souks, home to a plethora of stalls and markets selling all kinds of
Moroccan produce, arts and crafts. Getting lost in the souks and discovering
all kinds of wonderful items to buy is an adventure all of its own, so below
are some souks definitely worth looking out for on your visit to Marrakesh:

The slipper souks

Several of the stalls you?ll find in the souks are filled
with colourful and specially made Moroccan slippers, known as babouches, with
styles varying from simple and streamlined to dazzling pairs that sparkle with
jewels. The souks are home to some of the best Moroccan slippers in Marrakesh,
with different pairs to suit different purposes, such as slippers with hard
soles that can be worn outside.

The spice souks

The spice souks are some of the most famous in Marrakesh,
with an overwhelming combination of colour and aroma that is really like no
other. As you browse the stalls, you?ll discover wide varieties of spices all
heaped into huge cones before being sold for extremely affordable prices. It?s
also a great place to buy bottles of pure argan oil, one of the rarest oils in
the world, grown in a small area of south-western Morocco.

The metalwork souks

Renowned for their metalworking prowess, the Moroccans have
created all kinds of fantastic gifts and items that can be sought out in the
souks of Marrakesh, and as you explore, you may even see some of these
metalworkers in action showing onlookers how they craft these items of beauty.
Discover handmade silver candlesticks, brass frames and examples of the famous
Moroccan lanterns, which can range from basic varieties made from tin to the
more ornate, which can take several days to make.

The carpet souks

As well as its metalwork, Morocco is also a hotspot for high
quality hand-woven carpets, ranging from contemporary Arab-style rugs to
traditional Berber carpets, where the designs of the carpet can vary from tribe
to tribe. Sought after for their bright colours, their look is often achieved
using only natural substances such as vegetable dyes, henna and saffron. These
carpets can potentially last for hundreds of years, so people head to the souks
to seek out a long-lasting bargain.

The Mellah

Situated a short distance from the souks, the Mellah is
Marrakesh?s Jewish quarter, home to a host of shops and souks selling unique
and religious items. Found in the Medina, the Mellah is lined with distinctive
towering homes made from mudbrick, making it worth a visit even if you don?t
plan on spending any dirhams. You?ll discover all kinds of goods here, from
spices to luxurious fabrics ? head to the Mellah Market, Grand Bijouterie and
the Place des Ferbantiers.

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