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carrieres de lumieres

For many years running, the underground quarries outside of
the village of Les Baux de Provence, located near several of our villas in
, have been brought to life with unique multimedia shows combining
sound and light and bringing the empty spaces to life with important artworks.

Last year’s exhibition showcased the masters of the Renaissance, Michelangelo,
da Vinci and Raphael, welcoming over half a million visitors.

This year’s project will open its doors on March 4, and is
dedicated to Russian-French artist Marc Chagall, titled Chagall: Midsummer
Night’s Dreams. Many of his best-known masterpieces have been digitised and
instead of being displayed on canvas will light up 5000 square metres of the
quarry walls, using over a hundred projectors.

It is to be the first Carrieres de Lumieres show dedicated
to just a single artist, with the project promising to be a remarkable
multimedia exhibition taking visitors through twelve chapters of the artist’s
life and career. Beginning from his roots, where he grew up in the town of
Vitebsk, the exhibition tells the story not only of Chagall’s life but also
where he sought inspiration and how themes such as love, war and music
continued throughout his artworks.

In addition to his paintings, the exhibition showcases the
full spectrum of Chagall’s talents, which also include mosaics, collages and
stained glass windows, bringing the quarry to life with a sea of vibrant
colours. A soundtrack guided by pianist Mikhail Rudy, a close friend of
Chagall’s, will also accompany the show, complementing Chagall’s complex
brushstrokes, varied colour palette and audacious compositions.

Image: Carrieres de Lumieres

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