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celebrate the sumptuous fruits of france at the mirabelle plum festival

The delectable Mirabelle Plum Festival attracts over 80,000
visitors every year to sample the delights that plums produce such as tarts,
liqueur and jams. Taking place over many days, this year’s celebrations begin
on the 20th and end on the 28th, a wonderful opportunity
located near to our luxury
villas in Dordogne


Although a celebration of the plum fruits, many other
activities take place during this extravaganza, including a funfair, vibrant
fireworks show, musical concerts, theatre shows and more that will certainly
keep you entertained if you decide to wonder the magical area of Metz! There is

even a crowning ceremony and parade for the Mirabelle Plum Queen!


The Mirabelle Plum Festival will allow you to absorb all the
local culture and mingle with the local to get a true sense of the French
lifestyle. Immerse yourself in all they have on offer at the regional market
which is on for just two short days – and is not just limited to plums!


Not only does this offer the chance to feed from the finest
French fruits, but throughout the market, the local producers, farmers, pastry
chefs, chocolatiers and beekeepers will be on hand allowing you to take
advantage of their expert knowledge on all things foody!

Topping off this cultural event, the Montgolfiades de Metz
is a true highlight during this period, a massive hot air balloon gathering
which takes place within the town at a nearby lake, this event is a popular
favourite with both locals and visitors, offering a truly stunning and
picturesque scene for all to view! 

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