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child-friendly activities in lecce

Coined the ‘most beautiful city in the world’, Lecce dazzles visitors with its exquisite architecture, maze of historical streets, hearty cuisine and proximity to the golden sands and clear waters found along the coast.

It’s a haven for a broad range of visitors from lone backpackers and partygoers to retreaters, weekenders and of course, sun-seeking families.


A Gem in Italy’s Heel

Lecce is a place to experience, rather than somewhere you’ll want to create a back-to-back itinerary to tick-off. So, slow down, and make the most of the winding streets and sun-soaked beaches that invite you to explore and relax.


What Makes it So Fantastic for Children?

Sun, sand and sea isn’t the only thing that awaits a family trip to Lecce! The holiday can be as educational as it is fun, with the destination being steeped in history, culture and charm.

You could be trying your hand at traditional pasta making in the morning while enjoying a cool down at a water park in the afternoon.

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Family-Friendly Activities in the City of Lecce

Below, we’re looking at some of the most child-friendly activities that the city has to offer. When you next pack your bags and head to this desirable destination, you’ve got a few activities that’ll keep a range of ages entertained.


Carrisiland Water Park

A 30-minute drive out of the city centre will bring you to every water-babies dream! With slides and tubes aplenty, and over 2,000m2 of pool, there’s a lot to keep young ones entertained.

After a cool-off in the water, explore the surrounding woodland, play area and mini zoo before heading back to your holiday accommodation.







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Museum of Fantasy

The Museum of Fantasy presents a mesmerising collection of life-sized sculptures – both realistic and imaginary, as well as special cinematographic effects.


The Creators

The artistic work has all been created by twins, Gabriele and Vittorio Magrí, who have spent their career creating these masterpieces for national and international films. Their work is now on display for visitors of all ages to see and enjoy.

The museum is recommended for children of school age, although there are several pieces which come in high on the scare-scale!



The Railway Museum

Any locomotive-lovers in your group? The Railway Museum has a collection of outstanding steam trains and carriages. The exhibits are varied, but there’s a focus on the trains used in Puglia throughout history. Many of the displays have labelling in English, and there’s also a guidebook available should you want to know more. Keep your eyes peeled for the prison coach – a highlight of the museum.



What trip to Italy would be complete without a large helping of the country’s world-renowned sweet treat, gelato!

Made from milk and available in a mind-boggling array of flavours, from lychee to fig, olive and more, the cooling combination will be a highlight of your holiday and one that is not to be missed!

Various flavours of gelato in a stand.

Cookery Class

Immerse yourself in true Italian culture and discover the foodie-sensations that await! Young or old, the tastes and smells of a well-cooked Italian dish can bring smiles to faces and mouths water!

A fantastic way to make some treasured memories with your family, you’ll all learn how to create a traditional Italian dish, as well as getting to sample your efforts and leave with full bellies.


Park of Belloluogo

Like a green lung of Lecce’s cosmopolitan city, the park of Belloluogo is the perfect place for some down time with the kids. Escape the hustle and bustle for a shaded picnic on the grass, then head over to the children’s play area for an hour or two of old-fashioned fun.

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Back to Nature



If you’re hoping to have at least one day by the sea, you’re in luck as there are plenty to choose from just a short drive from the city centre.

One of the most popular is Porto Cesareo; the turquoise waters and white sands are picture-perfect, and the shallow seabed makes it suitable for families.



National Park

Hop in the car, and in less than 30 minutes you will reach the stunning National Park of Bosco e Paludi di Rauccio.


What You’ll Discover

Here, you’ll find a stunning landscape consisting of a holm oak forest, wetlands, dunes and a river. The area is celebrated for the luscious vegetation and wildlife that can be admired there, including the emerald green toad and rare wild orchids.

The beautiful beach of Spiaggiabella can also be enjoyed while you’re here, offering tranquillity and calm, it is a scenic and relaxing place to be.


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