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child-friendly restaurants in florence

Florence is one of the most widely recognised and adored cultural capitals in Europe. A city at the heart of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is a holiday destination teeming with a history that is visible in every step taken through its cobbled streets and past its charming buildings. While this makes for a beautiful, unforgettable adventure, these irregularities can sometimes make it difficult to plan a trip with young children.


With most visiting families needing to eat earlier than traditional Italians, and with children that will sometimes only eat their home favourites, it often feels impossible to dine at Florence’s many fine cuisine restaurants. However, this isn’t strictly true. Italians absolutely love children, and you will find that almost every establishment, regardless of stature, will welcome your family with open arms.


However, if you’re still worried about your children’s eating patterns and want peace-of-mind before reaching your luxury holiday villas in Tuscany, then check out this list of Florence restaurants that will go down a treat with your family.


Fuoco Matto

This is the perfect place to dine out for families with young children. A simple pizza and grill restaurant that is not going to set the culinary world alight but still offers excellent Italian food from its wood-fired ovens. What makes this place so good for families with children is its free Wi-Fi, a rarity in the city that is bound to please your kids! There’s also a play area for those with little ones.


Ristorante Vivo

A relatively new restaurant in Florence, this venture by a long-running family of fishermen is all about discovering something new. Vivo is an open, lively and most importantly welcoming seafood restaurant near the Basilica of Santa Croce, in the heart of urban Florence.


Vivo is a very friendly restaurant where it’s okay to make some noise, which is perfect for families with little ones. The staff are hugely welcoming and are all about promoting their incredible range of seafood at an affordable price. While the sea dishes will undoubtedly please the adults, there is a simple children’s menu for the kids that includes things such as spaghetti, while the frittura mista, a collection of golden fried fish pieces, will please children looking to push the boat out.

People walking through Florence, Italy

Trattoria 13 Gobbi

If you’re looking for a slightly more classical Italian dining experience, then the 13 Gobbi is the perfect place to explore. Located just down the river from Parco delle Cascine, the Trattoria 13 Gobbi is a small, cosy restaurant that serves classic and heart-warming Italian food for locals and tourists alike. While the food isn’t critically acclaimed, it is loved by its regulars, and its staff are very accommodating for large groups looking for a taste of traditional Florentine dining.


Mercato Centrale

Set in a remarkable building dating back to the late 1800s, the Mercato Centrale is a thriving hub for everything great about Florentine cuisine. A large local food market operating almost all day, every day, the Mercato Centrale is the perfect place to explore, go shopping for local ingredients, and delight in the incredibly honest food of Tuscany.


Apart from selling fantastic local produce, the Mercato Centrale also houses multiple restaurants serving a huge variety of food. Most of these are open all day and have very casual eating experiences in the heart of the bustling market. While it can get busy at peak times, families on holiday who are likely eating earlier than the average Italian should find ample spaces to taste Florence’s delightful food.



Located around 10-15 minutes outside of Florence’s city centre, this open-aired pizzeria is perfect for those warm nights. Running in a similar style to a diner, Buoneria is a simple, hassle-free and gratifying outside eating experience that is very welcoming towards children.

Sunset over Florence

Florence is one of the great cities of the world and is somewhere that should be experienced by everyone. There is so much to see and do in this cultural capital, not just for adults but for families and children, too. This list is just a selection of the restaurants that are perfect for children, and we’re sure that you will discover many more when you visit. Remember, if you’re lucky enough to get a night by yourself be sure to check out our favourite romantic restaurants in Florence.

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