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coastal towns in croatia

Croatia is both a central European and Mediterranean country that is nestled in between Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country is home to some beautiful scenery, picturesque towns and a scenic coastline. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb, it is situated in the north-western region and is a landlocked city that features the iconic red-roofs and cobblestone streets. While this is a beautiful part of the country, in this blog, we explore the many coastal towns stretching across Croatia.


Roughly 20km west of Split, Trogir is a gorgeous seaside town that is rich in medieval history. It is known as the “mini Split” because it is very similar in appearance and vibe, but just on a smaller scale. It is often a favoured town for summer holidays because it still has everything you would want from a vacation; plenty of beaches, cafes’ and shops, while also being less manic than other well-known locations in Croatia, such as Dubrovnik. Yachts can be seen as you stroll down the cobbled waterfront along with many restaurants offering some delicious local cuisine with a scenic view. The narrow streets around the town can lead you to some beautiful spots, such as the main square where locals gather to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Trogir seaside town in Croatia


Cavtat is a seaside town located in the southern region of Croatia that has the same atmosphere as Dubrovnik but on a calmer and more tranquil level. The town can be accessed easily via bus from Dubrovnik, and the route runs approximately every hour. Alternatively, there are boat services that operate between the two locations; ask locals about these trips. There are numerous sandy beaches with clear and crisp blue waters as the town is situated along the Adriatic Sea. Cavtat also holds plenty of history, and the old buildings lining the streets have seen little change since the Dubrovnik Republic. As you make your way around the town, you will recognise plenty of Renaissance architecture that has a slightly gothic style. The walls surrounding the city, St. Nicolas’ Church and the Rector’s Palace are just some of the features of Cavtat that provide an insight into the rich history.

Cavtat coastal town in Croatia


Rovinj is situated on the Istrian peninsula and is a must-see town in Croatia. Boasting beauty and romance, Rovinj has winding cobbled streets, a picturesque harbour and restaurants serving a selection of locally caught seafood. Thankfully, the Istrian Peninsula doesn’t attract as many tourists as the Dalmatian coast, primarily because it isn’t as well-known; therefore, the vibe is calmer and more relaxing. One of the main attractions in the seaside town is St. Euphemia Church; you can climb the bell tower and experience the most impressive view of the town.

Rovinj town along the coast of Croatia


Known as one of the sunniest spots in the country, Hvar is perfect for sun-chasers who want some time by the sea, while also enjoying plenty of luxurious restaurants, beach bars and trips on plush yachts. Along with the lavish vibe, Hvar is also home to some more tranquil spots, such as the surrounding vineyards and lavender fields. It is separated from the mainland of Croatia, which provides a feeling of escape. Today, it is considered as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and while it is an excellent place for enjoying the nightlife, it is also home to some fascinating history. From deserted villages to Croatian Renaissance, there is plenty to discover and explore around the seaside town. For more information on the coastal hotspots in the area, take a look at our previous blog that looks at the beaches in Hvar.

Hvar Island in Croatia

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