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a couples guide to st tropez

There’s something about St Tropez; from the glistening azure waters to the opulent architecture, it makes the perfect holiday destination for everyone. However, there has never been a better place to book a couples getaway than the French coastal region. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to soak up some summer sun and top up your brilliant bronze tan or are merely looking for an escape from reality, this should definitely be one of your holiday destination choices. We’ve included a list of a few of our favourite things to do with your partner while away below!


A beach holiday is synonymous will relaxation, and St Tropez has so many on offer that you’re spoilt for choice! The stretches of golden sand that edge the brilliant blue of the sea are picture-perfect and, fortunately, the region has some of the best on offer in the entirety of the south of France.


Pampelonne beach

Of all of the beaches in St Tropez, Pampelonne beach is the most renowned. The 5km of white sands are unspoilt, despite being one of the most popular locations for sun-seekers! The beach became popular during the 1950s, where the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Juliette Greco would frequent the area, known for its bohemian charm. As the years have passed, Pampelonne beach has become a haven for socialites due to its glamorous history. However, it still retains as much of its 1950s charm as possible.

Pampelonne beach is the perfect destination for couples; home to a plethora of beach clubs, you could soon be sipping cocktails at one of the restaurants situated along the coast of the Mediterranean. Looking out over the water, super-yachts scatter the horizon, oozing with opulence for you to gaze upon. Whether you’re looking for some tranquillity or something a little more upbeat, you’ll be able to find it thanks to its long stretch of sand, perfect for relaxation with your loved one!

La Glaye beach

La Glaye beach is one of the only few actually to be found in the town of St Tropez. Lined with pastel-hued houses, the beach is minuscule in size. However, this makes it the perfect jaunt for the two of you to frequent. After an afternoon stroll around the town, find yourselves happening upon this beach to bask in the sun, or simply retire here at sunset for a romantic end of the day. The beaches location in between two fortresses makes this even more magical, so pack a picnic of your favourite snacks and tipples and unwind at this secluded gem!

Escalet Beach

As far as hidden gems go, Escalet beach is one of the best! Along the coast between Cape Taillat and Cape Camarat, there is a myriad of shimmering coves where the water is crystal clear, and the bays are covered, and although Escalet beach is amongst these, the nearby facilities make this a beautiful place to spend the day! One of the things that makes Escalet beach the ideal option for couples is its remote location, so slip into your swimwear as you wander hand-in-hand towards the sea for a swim; with a lifeguard manning the beach, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that your dip is safe. Snorkelling is also a favourite activity amongst those who visit Escalet beach, so make sure that you grab a snorkel to view the incredible, protected coastline.



No matter what your cuisine of choice, there are a number of restaurants that are scattered along St Tropez suitable for all. From vegan brunch spots that are precisely what your Instagram feed needs to candle-lit backdrops for a romantic evening, find out the best of where you should be tucking into food while staying at a holiday villa in St Tropez!

Club 55

Although there are more eateries than you can count waiting to serve you delicious food, Club 55 is the place to be, especially after a day of tanning on Pampelonne beach! Despite attracting a crowd of A-listers, the simple menu makes Club 55 accessible for everyone. Throughout the day, Clubb 55 feels laid back and authentic; the no-fuss menu isn’t trying too hard to cater to the audience that it attracts. Into the evening, the ambience picks up, although the buzz of the crowd doesn’t detract from the beautiful menu.


L’Escale is an intimate restaurant that you and your partner will be wanting to return to time and time again. Located next to the harbour, enjoy a crisp glass of wine while admiring the super-yachts decked nearby before tucking into a fresh seafood dish. The interior design is chic and inline with the St Tropez feel – think white tablecloths, white chairs and a neutral colour palette to match, in addition to white sand scattered on the floor.

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