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crepes de chandeleur

Lovers of tasty French crêpes will simply love celebrating
La Chandeleur, a national holiday which takes place annually on February 2,
otherwise known as the Catholic holiday of Candlemas.

The festival traditionally commemorates the purification of
the Virgin Mary and the presentation of baby Jesus, and comes under three
different names in France: la Chandeleur, Fete de la Lumiere (no relation to
the famous event in Lyon) or jour des crêpes. La Chandeleur?s origins date back
to a pagan feast, when candles were lit at midnight as a symbol of
purification, with the Church adapting the tradition to celebrate the presentation
of baby Jesus. A simple candle-lighting ceremony became the sacred tradition of
the blessing of the candles, believed to repel evil and act as reminder that
Christ is the light of the world. After the blessing, Christians would then
bring the blessed candles home with them as they were said to help protect

French tradition dictates that crêpes are to be eaten on
this day, with other superstitions also linked to the making of them on this
day. While making the crêpe, you should hold a coin in your writing hand and
the crêpe pan in the other, and flip the crêpe into the air. If you manage to
catch the crêpe in the pan, it is said that your family will have a prosperous
remainder of the year.

If you?re not staying in France during La Chandeleur,
there?s no need to worry as the country also has a number of interesting
traditions and holidays celebrated throughout the year. Festivities also vary
from region to region, meaning each part of France has something different and
new to offer. Book a luxury holiday villa with Quality Villas and choose from,
amongst others, Cote d?Azur, Dordogne and Brittany villas ? no matter what your
choice, you?re bound to have an amazing getaway in France!

Image: Abi Porter,
available under Creative Commons

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