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the hidden gems of st tropez

St Tropez port landscape.

The South of France is a beautiful place to soak up culture, history and the sun on the many gorgeous beaches. The high point of where you can dip your foot into the luxury life of the French Riviera is St Tropez. The Mediterranean town is extravagant, but not entirely out of reach, as it buzzes with life and is a cultural wonder of the South of France.

If you are staying at one of our luxury holiday villas in the South of France this summer, why not head away from the crowds and seek out some of the town’s best-hidden gems?

Maison des Papillons

In the garden area of St Tropez down a quiet lane, you will find Maison des Papillons, “The Butterfly House”. Artist Dany Lartigue has spent years collecting more than 35,000 species of butterfly, both those native to France and exotic. He has painted an intricate background to place his butterflies and now it is open to the public.

Le Restaurant G

This delightful little restaurant is run by a husband and wife and can be found off the beaten track, away from the port-side frenzy. With outside seating, it is an idyllic place to have lunch in the St Tropez sunshine. Arrive early to enjoy great food and a lovely cosy atmosphere, with
prices ranging from €18 to €37.


If you are by the coast, you have to have ice cream at least once on your holiday. Barbarac is a favourite for the locals, located behind the old port. The ice cream is made fresh on-site, in the Barbarac laboratory. Their pride rests on the local ingredients sourced to create their fabulous ice cream, the evening before it is displayed. Luscious ice cream and fruity sorbets, it is guaranteed you are getting the best in the town.


You know you have found a gem when there are more locals there than tourists, and Salama is just that. The restaurant is well-loved by St Tropez residents, serving up delicious Moroccan dishes. Their couscous, mint tea and lime sherbet come highly recommended. Complete with an extensive wine list, take a seat in the beautiful open building for a lavish evening.

Arrangement of 5 spoons with spices in and around them.

Eglise Notre Dame de l’Assomption

Though not a “hidden” gem, as the church’s bell towers above the entire town, it is not a tourist spot many people check out. The church was built in 1874 in an Italian Baroque style, and though you can’t take photos inside, there is some beautiful artwork and sculptures to be seen. 

K Jacques

When in the south of France, you have to indulge in some retail therapy, and in St Tropez, there is no better than K Jacques. The little boutique shop has been creating shoes since 1933 and received some famous clients like Picasso and Brigitte Bardot. There are now four branches in the town. Their speciality is flat sandals, ranging from gorgeous gladiator designs to T-bar classics.

Le Musée de l’Annonciade

By the old port, you will find a little chapel, dating to the early 16th century. The building itself is impressive, and inside is now a small Museum of Modern Art, that houses work from prominent modern artists who worked in St Tropez. 

Landscape image of St Tropez with little chapel.

Cimitière Marin du St Tropez

A tranquil space looking out to the Mediterranean Sea, this cemetery is a curious place. Peacefully captivating, it is also a set location in the Bridget Bardot film, And God Created Woman. Also appearing in La Piscine, the site feels significant to the French Riviera, and it’s relevance to film.

White cross cemetery headstone with blue sea background.

We hope we have inspired you to explore the charming streets of stunning St Tropez. The French Riviera is abundant with rare spots across the area. For more ideas, take a look at How to get the most from a Weekend in Cannes.

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