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discover the wonders of morocco on a luxury holiday

For many, Morocco holds an enduring fascination. Though just a short ferry ride from Spain, it feels worlds away from Europe, with a completely different culture. Throughout the country, even in the modern and cosmopolitan cities of Casablanca and Rabat, the past is always felt in the present. Stay in one of our luxury villas in Morocco and enjoy the wonders of the North African country.

Always a popular tourist spot, Marrakesh has a wealth of attractions to keep you entertained on holiday. Filled with small alleyways, enthralling medinas (local shopping centres), the city is a gateway to the culture of the country. Some of the popular places include the main square, Djemaa el-Fna which is continuously buzzing with street theatre, musicians and storytellers. Another place not to miss are the Saadian Tombs, near the Kasbah Mosque. The stunning marble and plasterwork, make the glorious mausoleum an exciting historical site to check out. 
Though the cuisine in Morocco is reaching further west, it is even better to taste the traditional foods in the country they originate from. The food is rich and diverse, and there is something for everyone. From the B’ssara, a rich soup of dried broad beans, to the fish chermoula, Morocco is a great place to visit for any food lovers. 
With a coastline that covers 1,200 miles from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean, it is no surprise that Morocco has beaches for everyone: surfers, nature-seekers and sunbathers. Agadir and Casablanca are ideal for families, and Essaouira and Sidi Kaouki are perfect for water sport enthusiasts. For those wanting to get away from the crowds, head to Plage-Blanche which is located in an ecological park and is where to go for spotting some Moroccan wildlife. 
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